How to Deal With Greasy Hair


To wash or not to wash? That is the question when it comes to life with oily hair. Anyone who skips their daily shampoo and looks like they caught in the rain can tell you, trying to bring a boost of freshly washed health to your hair can be tricky. While the modern hair market may boast a plethora of products for frizz and dryness, oily hair help (just like your mane itself) can be a little on the thin side. Short of stocking up on a variety of hats and hiding under a cloud of dry shampoo, what’s an oily haired gal to do? These tips could be just the ticket to getting your bonce beautifully back in shape…


Long Term Goals



While you may feel like the only way to battle your greasy hair is by washing every single day, this could actually be contributing to the problem. Washing everyday can strip your hair of its natural oils and its natural ability to self-regulate. When your hair is stripped of its own oils it tends to go into overdrive, producing even more oil to keep your scalp from going dry. To combat this you may want to skip a shampoo or two every week, washing 5 days instead of 7 etc. Those days you don’t wash will feel frustrating but you are playing the long game for better regulation.


Condition the Ends


A smidge of conditioner (if any at all) is how you want to approach conditioning greasy locks. Make sure that you are only conditioning the ends of your hair rather than rubbing conditioner into the scalp as this will only add to the build-up that can make your head appear oilier. Make sure you thoroughly rinse your hair afterwards.


Know Your Products


Pick your haircare products wisely when it comes to choosing which shampoos and conditioners you want for your hair. If you have been using shampoos geared towards lots of juicy moisture you may want to select something that serves up a less slick approach. The same can be said for products labeled anti-frizz or geared towards making your hair shine. Shampoos formulated with clays, lemon, tea tree, sea salt and oats can all work wonders on your hair.


On the Go


For those days when you are rushing around and need a quick fix or on your non ‘poo days you can turn to the wonders of dry shampoo and oil absorbing sheets. Dry shampoo is a greasy hair dream thanks to its dry powder spray that can make oily hair seem fresh in seconds. Spray it on the roots, let it sit for a few minutes and then brush your hair to evenly distribute. You may have heard of oil blotting sheets for skin, but they are also available for hair care and have been designed for those who don’t want to deal with dry shampoo.


Style it Up


Greasy hair can be at its most obvious when you wear it loose and low. For those looking to style it up when it comes to their oilier hair days, you can opt for impressive braids and plaits or even a high ballerina bun. While your scalp may look a little unkempt, you are working with what you’ve got and making that look seem intentional rather than the bane of your life. Plus, there are some cute scrunchie hairstyles that will fool anyone into thinking that you totally meant to have your hair pulled back. Be aware that constantly pulling your hair up can add to the grease so maybe opt to leave it loose and free on those wash days.


Stay Simple


Hair straighteners, overloading with products, teasing with fingers and constant brushing – all this adds up to your hair producing seemingly endless levels of serum. If you want to extend your hairs matte health then keep things as natural and simple as possible. There are remedies out there like apple cider vinegar rinses and coconut massages that may do your hair better than opting for product pile ups.

Do you suffer from greasy hair? Share your tips in the comments.

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