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20 Tips on How to Deal With Greasy Hair


To wash or not to wash? That is the question when it comes to life with oily hair. Anyone who skips their daily shampoo and looks like they got caught in the rain can tell you, trying to bring a boost of freshly washed health to your hair can be tricky. While the modern hair market may boast a plethora of products for frizz and dryness, oily hair help (just like your mane itself) can be a little on the thin side. Short of stocking up on a variety of hats and hiding under a cloud of dry shampoo, what’s an oily haired gal to do? These tips could be just the ticket to getting your bonce beautifully back in shape, check out how to get rid of greasy hair for good…


How To Deal With Oily Hair 

Just wash your hair and the oil will go, right? Not at all. Anyone who has to deal with the hair problem of an oily scalp knows it's not that simple. The last thing you want is to strip your hair of its natural oil production as this is super important for keeping your head and your hair in healthy condition. Oily hair can lead to an itchy scalp, dandruff, and even seborrheic dermatitis. Sorting out your scalp and sebum production issue is about more than beauty; it's about getting your hair and scalp in healthy balanced shape. From harmonious hair home remedies to pro care tips, here are all the ways you can deal with oily hair problems.


1.Wash More Often


A good shampoo on a daily basis can help to remove debris and product buildup. When shampooing try not to aggressively scrub the scalp as this can encourage the oil glands to go into overdrive.


2. Reduce Washing Frequency

 While this may seem like all over the place advice, depending on your hair type the everyday wash policy may not work for you. Washing every day can strip your hair of its natural oils and its natural ability to self-regulate. When your hair is stripped of its own oils it tends to go into overdrive, producing even more oil to keep your scalp from going dry. To combat this you may want to skip a shampoo or two every week, washing 5 days instead of 7 etc. Those days you don’t wash will feel frustrating but you are playing the long game for better regulation.


3. Condition the Ends


A smidge of conditioner (if any at all) is how you want to approach conditioning greasy locks. Make sure that you are only conditioning the ends of your hair rather than rubbing conditioner into the scalp as this will only add to the build-up that can make your head appear oilier. Make sure you thoroughly rinse your hair afterwards.