7 Fun and Flirty Scrunchie Hairstyles: The Style Trend We Are Loving



80’s nostalgia may be having a moment once more as we all remember the carefree days of technicolor and pop. While we all love leg warmers and perms, one accessory that we are more excited to see than ever is the beloved scrunchie. The beauty product of the 20th century has finally come back around in style and whether you are looking to slick your locks back into a low ponytail or sport a ballerina style high bun, the scrunchie look combines style, Sunday morning class, and even a sense of sophistication when done right. Take a look at all the reasons we are loving scrunchies again and how you can say yes to scrunchie style…


Scrunchies Are Back In Style (Thank God)

We are so excited that scrunchies are back in style in 2020. All great fashion eventually comes full circle and with such a versatile look and a sense of fun flirt woven in, the scrunchie is giving us all the good feels. Scrunchies come in an endless range of stunning colors, prints, and materials and you have a whole new world of fine hair fashion on your hands. Smaller scrunchies may work best for fine or thin hair and for those with curls or thick flowing locks, you can go as large as you like with your scrunchie size.


Are Scrunchies Better For Your Hair?

Far from just a simple fashion statement, scrunchies are actually way better for your hair. Elastic bands can lead to split ends and cause friction and damage on your lush locks. Scrunchies are soft covered, meaning that they won’t snag or tangle. Those of us who have unsuccessfully pulled a hair tie out of a pony and been left with an unsightly kink, tangled clump, or frizz city know the frustration. Switch to the soft and cozy scrunchie and suddenly there’s a beautifully gentle boundary between each section of your precious hair and the tight elastic, making it a hair care hack that anyone can do (in style).


7 Different Ways To Wear A Scrunchie

Whether you're trying to hide greasy hair or you just want your hair out of your face, these are some super easy ways to wear a scrunchie and still look cute.

1. Half Up Top Knot


Photo Credit: amberleygaines

Welcome the scrunchie back into your world with a half up top knot style. Perfect for those who want an added burst of volume and a youthful fun and flirty look.

Video tutorial: Get the step by step tutorial here.

Where to get it: Check out the Maelyn Scrunchie


2. Messy Bun

Photo Credit: oliviassao

We love this soft Sunday morning dancer style fashion statement. Super easy and with a fuss free finish (especially if you let some strands hang down), this is one of the scrunchie favorite styles for those who don’t have the time and space to commit to anything more complicated.

Video tutorial: Learn how to do the laid back bun right here.

Where to get it: Get bright and beautiful with the Abby Scrunchie


3. High Ponytail

Photo Credit: Okevaaa

The high ponytail is brimming with sass and is one of those stunning summer styles that is perfect for swimming or barefoot beach days. Sweep it high off your neck (away from the face) and onto the top of your head to embrace carefree ways with this glorious surf girl style.

Video tutorial: Get the lush high pony look right here.

Where to get it: Take a sneak peek at the velvet Beth Scrunchie


4. Low Bun

Photo Credit: lilyesimpson

Sultry and sophisticated the low bun is beautiful and very similar to the low pony but without bothering about excess hair on the neck. Opt for something sleek for a special occasion or pull out a few wispy strands and let them fall around your face to keep it whimsical.

Video tutorial: Learn how to do a low bun here.

Where to get it: Get sweet as can be with the Stefanie Scrunchie


5. Braid

Photo Credit: juniperdressco

One of the more classic looks, the braid can take on a shieldmaiden vibe or go for vintage French styles (especially with a scrunchie involved). One of the best things about braided hair is how versatile the style is. You may need a few bobby pins to secure your braid in place.

Video tutorial: Check out these beginner braids and pick your fave.

Where to get it: The perfect look for the Alexis Scrunchie


6. Side Ponytail


Photo Credit: dimitra_nina

There’s definitely a sense of 80’s and 90’s nostalgia in this one (we heart you Heathers) but the side ponytail is all laid back lushness. It’s the perfect low-key hairstyle choice for those who have big hair or curls.

Video tutorial: Learn how to say yes to the side sweep here.

Where to get it: Go full fabulous with the Niki Scrunchie


7. Dutch Side Braid

Photo Credit: caseyrasmussen

The Dutch side braid is one of the prettiest looks in the book. The perfect balance of feminine charm, this great style can either be super casual when worn with slacks and a tee or can be amped up when paired with a little black dress or sweater dress and boots for colder days.

Video tutorial: Check out this simple side braid and get the look.

Where to get it: Fall in love with the Lola Scrunchie

Which scrunchie look are you loving? Share your fave scrunchie hairstyles and your fave hair scrunchies and let’s celebrate the return of the iconic hair accessory once more.


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