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7 DIY Deep Conditioner Recipes That Will Transform Your Hair


What is Deep Conditioning?

What does healthy happy hair look like? When your locks are clean, quenched, soft to the touch, and gleaming, it's easy to feel like a million dollars. Even those who tend to go low key with their hair care routine know the importance of a good scrub and a deep conditioning every now and then. From blasts of cold wind to furious sunshine, hairdryers and straighteners, pulled up ponytails, pollution, and more - it's tough keeping your hair sweet and soft and in the modern world. A natural deep conditioning hair treatment can instantly lift your tresses and send much-needed moisture and essential ingredients right down to the roots so your hair can eat up all that rich protein and shine once more.

When you deep condition your hair you are taking the time to coat every strand with something nourishing so that it gets exactly the nutrients it needs. This easy home process can reduce the stress factors of split ends, dried locks and tangled frizz, and will even help reduce the damage that can be done by heat, coloring, and environmental factors. The result? Healthy happy hair growth, locks that know how to retain moisture, and fulfilling all your natural hair needs so each strand can shine.


Key Ingredients In Homemade Deep Conditioners

While it may seem easy to turn to a store bought hair mask or deep conditioning treatment you probably have all the best ingredients stashed in your kitchen cupboards. A homemade deep conditioner can work wonders on the scalp and hair and often comes free from chemicals and ingredients that can cause a build-up in your hair. Not only will a homemade conditioner be more cost-effective but you have the added benefit of knowing exactly what is going on your head. Take a look at these key ingredients for natural hair care.

Coconut Oil - Bring sweet-scented moisture and sublime softness back to your hair with a dollop of creamy coconut oil.

Banana - Strengthening potassium, vitamins, and natural oils ensure banana is a beautiful element for your hair, bringing elasticity, shine, and silky smoothness to the party.

Olive Oil - Use olive oil to encourage hair growth and thickness, to get rid of dry split ends, to bring a glut of glorious moisture to the scalp, and to encourage healthy shine.

Greek Yogurt - Rich in protein and B5, Greek Yoghurt is a glorious ingredient to add to your home hair treatment list.

Honey - Smooth out your follicles and lend lots of moisture to your strands as you slather the golden glory of honey onto your head.

Avocado - Potassium, magnesium, and a whole range of magical ingredients bring b complex vitamins that help hair grow healthier. Avocado is also rich in moisture meaning it can cut out the chaos of dry split ends and make your hair healthy and shiny.

Mayonnaise - It may sound like a strange choice but mayonnaise brings together the beautiful combo of egg and olive oil - both of which bring endless shine and strength to your hair.

Egg - As mentioned above, an egg is an amazing ingredient to add to your hair mask. Eggs are brimming with proteins and ever ready to bring shine, texture, and elasticity to each follicle.