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Hair Care Hacks for Low Maintenance People


If you are the kind of person who rolls out of bed and barely runs a brush through your tresses then this is the article for you. Messy ponytails, dime-store shampoo, a haircut once every three years – we feel you. Haircare can be a long and arduous ride, especially if your bonce refuses to bond. Instagram is brimming with tutorials and tips on how to weave your hair into Viking plaits or upcycle your broken coat hanger into a curling iron, but for those who can barely work a bun out, these haircare hacks are certainly more up your street…


Dry Shampoo is God


If you have fine hair that tends to look slick by noon no matter how much you wash it then dry shampoo is about to be your greatest god. A quick spritz on the roots of this stuff and the formula works by absorbing those excess oils bringing a freshly washed lightness. Of course, this doesn’t mean you get to avoid washing your hair forevermore but it does help to fill in the gaps and keep you from feeling like a glut of olive oil has been dumped on your head.


Condition the Ends


It may sound like an old wives tale but another tip for those who struggle with oily hair is to only condition the ends. If you go OTT with your conditioner than you are adding weight and extra oil to your hair. It’s quoted to only use a coin-sized squirt of conditioner and to massage into the ends only.