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From fleeting thought to a full-scale investigation, the question of should I get bangs is forever an age-old dilemma.

Bangs can be brilliant. Whether cut close or light and feathery, they can soften your face, provide a curtain of hair to hide behind on bad days, and they can totally transform your look all without having to resort to expensive cuts and dyes.

There are many benefits to bangs and no hairstyle is forever so even if you hate it, they will grow out.

But what about the time in-between? What if you look like a page boy? What if it causes your forehead to break out in spots? And what if instead of cute youthful bangs you have greasy strands stuck to your head?

Fear not, we are here to do a deep dive into the world of bangs and to help you figure out if a bang hairstyle is going to be your bag. Shaggy bangs, a side swept bang, thick bangs, keep reading to see which style bangs (if any) will suit you.


7 Questions to Consider Before Getting Bangs


Before you take the leap into bang life, there are a few questions that you may want to ask first just so you know how much bang maintenance is needed. Bangs take a fair amount of upkeep and you want to make sure that you have the lowdown on what will feel and look good before you book that hair appointment.

If you want to know right.this.very.minute whether or not you should get bangs, then scroll to the bottom of this post and take our very official quiz.

But if you'd like to explore this existential question a bit more, then here are some questions worth considering when it comes to bangs.


How often do you need to trim your bangs?

It depends on what style of bangs you go for and what kind of look you are after. Most styles of bangs could do with a trim every 2-3 weeks especially if you have close blunt bangs. Side swept bangs are a little more low maintenance as are wispy bangs.

Basically, if you are looking for low maintenance bangs that don't require a lot of attention then skip the heavy thick fringe bang and opt for long bangs instead.

Beyond trims, bangs may take a little extra playing with than your usual hair style. You may need to get familiar with your haircare tools once more. From the blow dryer nozzle to skipping the hot iron and getting products that help your hair texture so your fringe doesn't look flat or full of chaotic stand on edge funk, prepping your bangs may take a little practice.


Which face shape do bangs flatter the most?

Whether you have a round face, a strong jawline, a heart-shaped face, or a long face - there is bound to be a bang style that suits you. Those who have an oval face shape can pick from a huge variety of bang styles as this is the most versatile face shape for all kinds of bangs.

different face shapes with bangs

Those who have a more square face can opt for bangs with layers or A-shaped bangs. The round face looks super cute with choppy bangs and longer faces can look tres chic with heavy and straight bangs.


What's the best hair type for bangs?

All hair types can carry bangs - whether you have long hair, straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, or fine hair. The difference may be the style of bangs you get or how you style your bangs. Knowing your natural hair texture will help you to choose the right kind of bangs so be sure to approach your bang choice with realistic expectation rather than red carpet dreams. Fine haired folk may want to look to longer bangs or textured bangs so they don't take away from the volume. Curly bangs are awesome but may want to be kept longer than straight bangs as curls can shrink.



What should I tell the hair stylist at the salon?

There are so many kinds of bangs out there and a good stylist should have experts knowledge on how to work with you to achieve something that works with your face, length, and even your usual hair routine or lifestyle. Take celebrity pics or find photos that are similar to how you want your bangs to look but of course don't expect a mirror image to be replicated by the hairstylist.

how to cut fringe bangs

If you are feeling unsure about your bang decision, you can always start long and opt for sideswept bangs or something softer and work your way up to a blunt bang if that is your final goal. Your decision doesn't have to have an all or nothing element to it at this moment.


How long does it take to grow bangs out?

Depending on which kind of bangs make the cut, they will take around 6 months to grow totally out. It's worth remembering the longer your bangs get, the more you can style them or stash them should you want to. Even a shorter curtain bang cut or blunt fringe can be played with, whether that's using products to slick your bangs back or a bobby pin to pull your bangs to the side, you may be able to style your hair so your bangs are less visible when waiting for them to grow out.


celebrities with bangs 


Will bangs make you look younger?

One of the main reasons that people love to go for bangs is because it can make you look younger. Bangs look younger as they soften the face and this is especially true with baby bangs or short hair with bangs too.


Do bangs make your skin breakout?

It's not a given that bangs can cause breakouts on the skin but they certainly can. If you use products on your hair its worth remembering that that product will also be touching your forehead and this is what can trigger a breakout. You can keep your bangs clean and fresh with dry shampoo and keep your skin in the clear with a little extra TLC too.


Are Bangs Right For Me?


So now you have the low down on everything there is to know about making the commitment to bangs, are they right for you? There is no hard-fast rule with bangs but you do want to make sure you know what you are signing up for as they aren't for everyone. If you haven't quite made up your mind about whether or not you should embrace the bang, take our quick quiz to make sure.

Should you get bangs? Take the quiz to find out:



One of the best things about bangs is that hair always grows. Even if you don't dig your bangs, they will disappear one day. But on the other side, bangs could also be a super cute and amazing choice for shaking up your look regardless of color, lengths, or anything else. If you aren't sure if bangs are for you, you can even buy clip-ins to see what you will look like before you commit to the chop.


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