How to Bring a Golden Glow to Grey Winter Skin


Biting winds, freezing rain and a distinct lack of vitamin D can be a washout when it comes to winter skin. For those feeling sentimental for skin that glows with dewy sunlight, the trawl through the colder months can certainly be a challenge. But how do you slough away the raw greys of winter and bring a hint of health back to your skin? Take a look at our tips on how to glow again…




Winter wreaks havoc on your skin and one of the most common complaints is dry flaky skin that feels rough to the touch. Exfoliation plays a massively important role in keeping your skin glowing and in glorious shape. Choose a gentle exfoliator or even a natural exfoliator and spend a little time in the shower regularly sloughing away that buildup of dead skin.


Keep Fresh


Adding a humidifier to your room and ensuring you drink an extra glass of water or two during those harsh winter days can stop your environment (and your skin) being too dry. This is especially true if you find yourself cranking up the central heating at home as this can strip the moisture from your skin and lead to added levels of dryness.


Get Thick


While summer and spring may call for zesty light barely-there moisturizers, winter skin may need a little more of a helping hand. Choose a thicker and heavier moisturizer rich in vitamin E for your parched skin to gobble right up. Look for balms, moisturizers and oils that come dressed in natural oils, silicone and lanolin for beautifully soft and dewy skin.


Limit Shower Temps


While nothing says warm-up like a long steamy hot shower, you won’t be doing your skin any favors. Intense heat and steam can irritate and dry out skin whereas lukewarm temps and even a cooling blast can keep your skin naturally rosy. Limit showers to 5-10 minutes a day so not to be stripping back your skin.


Skip the Toner


While many of us still think we need to religiously stick to the three-step program of skincare, it actually makes sense to adapt your routine depending on the season. Many toners have alcohol as an active ingredient, which can irritate and dry your skin out even further. Skipping the toner session in favor of a rich moisturizer can help to bring your skin back to its natural balance.




It can be easy to let the likes of SPF protection slide through our fingers come the winter months. Unlike summer when we slather it on, we somehow forget that winter sun can also cause damage. It helps to pick a high-quality moisturizer that has built-in sun protection, that way you are less likely to forget to apply it.


Light Layers


Scratchy wool and heavy wet clothing can also bring irritation to the skin, so make sure you combat discomfort by wearing light layers spun from breathable materials. From thermal underclothes to cotton tops and even silk liners for your woolly gloves – this is a surefire tip to keep you soft and supple throughout the chill.


Hydrate Your Diet


Finally, one of the best tips for keeping skin in glowing glory is to make sure you are hydrated from the inside out. Sip tea, drink water and be sure to stock up your diet with plenty of water-rich fruits and vegetables. High water content can be found in cucumbers, melons, citrus fruits, celery, zucchini and carrots. Also, make sure that you are getting all those very important vitamins that will keep skin elasticated and feeling fresh.

What does your winter skincare routine look like? Share in the comments.

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