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Skin Care Tips to Combat Face Covering Problems


As the world adapts to the need for nose and mouth coverings either through comfort choice or country rule, it may need adjusting your skincare routine just a little to combat potential issues flagged by face coverings. Every skin type is different and depending on how your skin reacts to being covered. Face masks are quickly becoming a stylish part of our attire, and a far cry from the medical-grade kind most of us are used to. Now, you can get floral ditties, cotton spun colors, and all kinds of chic and trendy interpretations. So, even though your mask may be looking glorious, let’s turn our attention to keeping the skin beneath feeling healthy…


Keep it Simple


While your pre-pandemic beauty routine may have consisted of expensive scrubs and creams, now is the time to parr things right down to the simplest steps you can find. Your skin will already be trying to adapt to the new changes so you don’t want to overwhelm it. Giving your skin space to breathe means going for gentle and light cleansers, spritzers, and moisturizers and avoiding anything OTT for the moment.


Easy Ingredients


To help combat irritation and breakouts that for some people may be a bi-product of wearing a facemask, treat your skin like it falls under the category of being sensitive. Look for water-based ingredients and naturally soothing ingredients that lean towards gently cleansing the skin without bringing harsh abrasive ingredients into the mix. Think aloe and hyaluronic acid to keep thing soft and H2O happy. It makes sense to give your face a gentle cleanse after extended periods of wearing your mask to instantly wash away sweat and debris which can lead to spots.


Wash Your Mask


If you want to give your skin the best chance to stay cleansed and happy, make sure you wash your mask regularly. Of course, from a health and safety point of view, your mask should really be washed after being touched. Keeping your mask cleansed or having a few soft cotton ones to choose from will help your skin by not reintroducing dirt back to your face. When washing, choose a natural detergent rather than opting for heavy fragranced brands that may irritate the skin.


Miss the Makeup


If you can, it makes sense to avoid wearing heavy makeup beneath your mask, especially foundation as when combined with the potentially sweaty or humid atmosphere of a face mask, this is only going to lead to skin breakouts. If you truly don’t feel comfortable not wearing foundation, then opt for the lightest kind you can find or even go for simple and fresh tinted moisturizers as a stand-in.


Sweet and Soft


As part of your skincare routine, you may now need to consider what kind of material works best for you when it comes to mask choice. Cotton masks are probably the most skin-friendly and if you want to make an even comfier choice, you can choose the kind that offers cotton loops for the ears rather than elastic which could cause some chafing or irritation. Another option is to seek out a silk mask to bring the ultimate luxury experience to your skin. Silk is a much more breathable fabric and as we know, reducing humidity and sweat combined with irritation is key to keeping your skin from angry blotches and breakouts.

How are you finding wearing masks? Is your skin coping or having a meltdown? We would love to hear your tips so feel free to share in the comments.

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