Don’t Put That On Your Skin! Which Beauty Ingredients to Avoid


The skin is your largest organ and one that needs lots of TLC. Harmful chemicals can irritate skin and seep into the body, which you definitely want to avoid - that body is your temple, girl!

It’s not always easy to tell which products are good for you and which ones to leave on the shelf, so we’ve put together a list of the top 5 ingredients to scan for and avoid when making your choice.

1. Fragrance/Perfume - We like things that smell good, but the ingredient ‘fragrance’ often hides a host of unknown chemicals including hormones. Opt instead for the term natural fragrance or fragrance-free to avoid these mystery chemicals.

Bonus ingredient to avoid: Pthalates, which are contained in many fragrances, and are also known to cause endocrine damage and birth defects. Look for products scented with essential oils, which smell great and have therapeutic benefits.

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2. Parabens - It’s not news that parabens are bad for you, with links to endocrine damage, developmental and reproductive disorders and cancers, but the FDA hasn’t banned them in the US. Good news: There are lots of good products without them, just look for the paraben-free label.



3. Sulfates - In their various forms, sulfates are found in everything from shampoos to toothpaste. They help make products foamy but are thought to strip away valuable moisture and irritate skin, also triggering allergies. Look for the term sulfate-free.


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4. PEG (Polyethylene) - PEGs are those little plastic beads that help exfoliate...only they are extremely harmful to skin, especially broken skin, since they 'help' skin absorb both the good and the bad, causing irritation and even toxicity in the system. They aren’t able to be properly filtered out by sewage systems either, making them harmful to marine life and the environment. Skip the PEGs!

5. BHT - These bad boys are used as preservatives in moisturizers and cosmetics as synthetic antioxidants. They are super harmful to the liver, which is our main helper in detoxifying our bodies and needs to be working at its best.

So check your labels, pretty mamas, and show your skin some love - your body will thank you for it.


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