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How to Help Your Skin Age Gracefully


If you want to age gracefully then one of the best tips is to treat your body with love and respect. Not smoking, eating a healthy balanced diet, staying hydrated, getting lots of fresh air, and topping up your sleep is one of the most honest and pure ways you can age gloriously. Remember that lines and wrinkles are all part of life’s great journey, and while we can live in the fullest bloom of health we can’t completely stop the hands of time. For all those who want to give their skin even longer to be soft, supple, and glowing with youth, here are a couple more tips to help


Water, Water Everywhere


We are all water and there’s a firm belief that drinking water leads to a healthier glow. When we don’t drink enough water we run a risk of becoming dehydrated, which can lead to a sallow complexion, loss of elasticity, and just feeling dull and grey in general. By drinking up you are doing your body and your skin a favor. Along with being great for your skin, drinking enough water also reduces headaches and migraines, boosts energy levels, stops sugar and hunger pangs, and generally can be a glorious mood booster.


Steer Clear of Too Much Sun


While sunlight is a must for soaking up all that delicious Vitamin D and adding to our health and happiness, sadly those UV rays that come with it have been known for trashing skin. Harsh UV rays can speed up our loss of collagen which is where our skin gets its youthful elasticity. When we turn 20, we start to lose our natural collagen at a rate of one per cent per year, but excessive sunlight can boost that production loss. If you are going to step out into the sun, make sure that you are wearing sunscreen or moisturizer with a minimum of SPF30. Also, it’s worth noting that the suns rays are at their harshest between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm.


Know Your Ingredients List


All skincare products aren’t born equal and while it may seem like investing in a whole host of products stamped with the promise to keep your skin fresh and young is a good idea, it can actually be counterproductive. Moisturizing your skin will help to stave off dryness and products that come with vitamin C and alpha-lipoic acids can deliver a boost of antioxidant energy to your skin, but this can vary from bottle to bottle.

Other popular skincare formulas that work against anti-ageing include ceramides (also known as natural fats) and Vitamin B3. While many tout Retinol as being one of the top ingredients for helping skin age gracefully, it can also cause irritation. It’s always worthwhile working with a dermatologist to pick a skincare routine designed specifically around your skin as it definitely isn’t a one size fits all approach.

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Let it Breathe


Constant scrubbing, heavy creams, and covering up with makeup may all be part of your individual beauty process but your skin also needs to breathe. While of course, skin doesn’t actually breathe, the lower living layers of our skin need to be nourished by oxygen to be in their fullest flow of health. When we talk about skin breathing we are referring to our pores needing to not be choked and clogged. Clogged pores occur from makeup and the things we put on our face, but they can also get clogged by grime and pollution, which is why a good gentle and regular routine is essential (including exfoliation).

What does your skincare routine look like? Share with us in the comments and let’s build our simple beauty bible together.


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