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7 Ways to Style a Bodycon Mini Dress

 how to wear a bodycon dress

Is your closet full of clothing items you may have worn once or twice for that one random event? Yes?

So is mine!

Instead of us gals trying to put together a different look for every occasion in our lives, I figured it would simplify our lives to have one item in our wardrobe to style several ways.

Here, I'll be sharing the bodycon dress of dresses to fit several occasions.


What is a Bodycon Dress?

I have asked myself this question one too many times back in my early days of trying to decipher the difference between bodycon dresses and bandage style. The main difference lies in the fabric, where bandage style is usually a tight dress in a heavy fabric that smoothes over the body and contours areas women usually want to show off (i.e. waist and bum).

A bodycon dress is far more versatile, as the fabric is usually more comfortable for all day wear and is usually in an affordable price range in comparison to a bandage dress. Because the dress is more comfortable, it's something I know with certainty I will wear over and over!


7 Ways to Style a Bodycon Dress

Wearing a bodycon mini dress opens up so many style opportunities. You can play around with colors when pairing with accessories and dress it up or down easily. It's also a great body-hugging look that is flattering for all sizes, depending on how you style it. These are my favorite ways to wear it...


1. With Matching Accessories

cute bodycon dress outfits

The color of this midi dress is just stunning! My first and favorite of all the ways I have styled this dress lies here. The look is clean and easy to pull off with accessories that are all one color, like my black bag and sunnies. In this case, I chose black, but could have easily added other colors depending on the season - pink will find it's way into this look at some point for me! I added my go-to medium wash denim jacket, but almost opted for a black leather jacket that would have made this look a little more edgy.


2. With a Sweater

ways to wear a bodycon dress

I call this party on top, business on the bottom. The fit of this dress is figure flattering and meant to show your curves and give the body shape, and for some reason I felt extra shapely with my sweater tied up above the waist! It's no wonder a sweater over a dress is one of the latest trends.


3. With a Long Cardigan

how to wear a bodycon dress

I believe it's safe to say women's closet's have one too many cardigans that we have not put to good use. Adding a cardigan I already owned to this dress has a put-together feel when cinched with a belt at the waist. A simple belt like the one shown will do, but a belt with extra details in the buckle can give this a little more oomph!