7 Ways to Style a Black Midi Dress

how to wear a black midi dress

These days, having less is more and that is why I am sharing 7 ways to style a black midi dress.

Being sustainable has been something that I personally strive for as do many others. I have always loved incorporating versatile pieces into my closet because not only does it not junk things up but it also helps out my wallet.

Black midi dresses are great for any person because of how many different looks you can get out of one piece of clothing. If you are into fashion, I am sure you have heard of a LBD, little black dress. In most fashion books, it is a wardrobe must-have!

That being said, if a midi dress is not your style, they would make for the perfect gifts for friends or family! I have so many colors in my closet but I always grab a black dress throughout the year whether I am running errands during the day or going out for drinks at night, it is always my go-to.

You can get so many styles from just one dress but below are 7 ways that I would personally wear mine.


What is a Midi Dress?


A midi dress is a dress where the hem typically hits midway between both your ankles and knees. It is not as short as a knee dress but also not as long as a maxi dress. Midi dresses work great for the transition from the cold months to the warm. They can also be worn in the winter making them an all year round piece! Women's midi dresses have been fairly popular over the years because of exactly that reason.

Mid length dresses, such as the black midi dress I style in this post, are the perfect balance between style and comfort. You can easily dress them up to be your favorite little black dress, depending on the fit, or you can dress them down for when you're out running errands in the stores. Midi dresses basically fit every occasion, from something to lounge in at home to the perfect casual work outfit.

Sozy has a range of many different products that you can also put together using the tips below. If you are on a tight budget, you can also always browse their sale section. Sozy offers so many cute items that can be worn for any occasion.



7 Ways to Style a Midi Dress


1. Black Heels with Black Clutch

how to style a midi dress


If you are going into the office and also wanted to go out after work, this would be the perfect outfit. I love accessorizing with statement pieces so I styled this look with my black clutch and my gold statement hoops. Jewelry and handbags are my two favorite things to accessorize with because they can really make any look. Another great closet staple are black strappy heels and knee high boots.

You could wear both with this dress for any occasion. Even adding a cute belt around your waist could make a casual dress look dressed up. With accessorizing, you can have a good balance of really dressed up or just a little extra oomf if wanted!


2. Flat Brim Fedora with Brown Sandals

black midi dress


This look would be perfect for the spring and summer. There are so many brands that sell really decently priced fedoras so that could be something in your budget to add to your accessory collection. If you are going out in the evening when it is a little cold, throw on a denim jacket and you are good to go!


3. White Sneakers

midi dress ideas


This would be one way to style a casual midi dress. I typically would pair a black mid length dress with sneakers because I do not get as dressed up as often as I used to especially with now working from home. Sozy has so many cute items on their site that would pair well with white sneakers. Shoes can really make or break an outfit but you can never really go wrong with a white sneaker!


4. Black Flannel with Vans

casual black midi dress outfit ideas


With having a lower neckline, a flannel pairs great with this dress! This outfit is one of my favorite looks because I like to have a more edgy kind of style. Any flannel that has a little black in it would work as long as they would match your shoes. Vans are not for everyone so if these shoes don't work for you, you can add in any basic sneaker!


5. Ball Cap with Converses

black midi dress


For all of the moms out there, I would say this would be the perfect look for running around with the kids. It is no secret that traveling with kids can be exhausting but you might as well look cute while doing it! I love wearing a ball cap on messy hair days because it can hide that day 2 or 3 hair so well. So even if you don't have any kiddos, this style can still be for you. I would wear this to maybe a date night to a ball game or even just out with the girls on a causal day. I like to add in color with my ball caps because it spruces up the outfit. But any color you have could work.


6. Snakeskin Boots with Flat Brim Fedora

cute midi dress outfit ideas


You can take most midi length dresses and pair them with a hat and boots to get a super stylish look in pretty much any season. One of my favorite staples in my closet happens to be a little black dress because it goes with so many things. It really is the perfect dress to have in your closet collection. I typically pair most of my casual dresses with these boots and this fedora. It is some of my most worn accessories.


7. Graphic Tee with Booties

how to wear a black midi dress


This style can be worn in the spring or summer but you could easily switch this short sleeve top with a longer sleeve length and look just as cute! I went for a top that had a little color because it adds character. In the colder months, you could also wear a long sleeve top that had a thicker fabric so you wouldn't have to wear a jacket over top.


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