Joyfully Comfy: Why Cozy Clothes Make All the Difference


We humans have been clothing our bodies for at least 100,000 years (you read that right) to protect ourselves from the harsh elements. We all know the joy of snuggling up in comfortable clothes when the wind is howling outside of course.

What we wear impacts the way we feel and thus the way we think, the way we act, and the way we interact with others.

Enclothed Cognition, like those in lab coats call it (see what we did there?) is the term used to describe the way our behaviors change based on what we think and feel about what we wear. Studies show we even behave in ways that can mirror the tone of what we’re wearing. For example, those dressed all in black or dark colors may have a more serious and demure approach to the day and those in comfy jeans may ooze laid back vibes. That's why office wear is so geared towards making people feel firm and upright rather than just letting lawyers turn up in loungewear.

You’ve heard the phrase 'dress for success'; but we say that success is embracing your best self and as it turns out, that's when we feel at our most authentic and when we are feeling comfortable. Comfortable doesn't always need to mean slouching about in pajamas or legging combo, it can also mean wearing a cute maxi dress or shirt that makes you feel amazing. When you’re dressed in clothes that you feel comfortable in you are more likely to feel creative, friendly, and generally better about yourself. 

It's also worth noting that the idea of comfort can even go beyond the benefits of a pair of sweats with elastic waist. It's also about finding clothes that provide a high quality fabric, a solid price point, and brands that you know haven't been using cheap labor to produce pieces for your closet.

The flip side of the Psychology of Fashion (that’s a real thing) is that if you wear items that are uncomfortable, you will simply not feel your best. Wearing clothes that are ill-fitting (we’ve all been stuck in a too-tight outfit all night), too constricting, made from itchy fabric or otherwise uncomfortable will limit your mobility, distract you, and most importantly make you feel less than your best. And our new mantra 'Dress as your best self' will not allow for that.

“Luxury should be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” Coco Chanel

This isn’t meant as a free pass to wear your sweatpants everywhere unless that is literally how you feel your best in which case, stack up on those lush loungewear sets girl.

But there is a way to blend being cozy with staying stylish.

Whether you pair a cozy sweater with your favorite mom jeans and boots or if you don that sweet flowing midi dress or cotton shorts with a vintage t-shirt, you will immediately start to shift your thinking and step into ownership of your body. And when you feel comfortable in your clothes, others can sense that too, creating a more positive environment for everyone.

Choosing comfy clothes will improve your confidence and allow you to place more energy on whatever it is you’re doing in them, from working to eating to sleeping. So reach for clothes that make you feel empowered, confident, and your best self.

And P.S. If you’re feeling blue, put on something comfy in a bright color; it’s been proven to boost your mood!  

With great shipping, awesome reviews, and products that have been perfected based on customers needs, take a look at these items from our online store that are sure to change the way you think about comfort and style.


Our Favorite Comfy Clothing That Looks Good

1. Blakely Pant


Oozing comfort and style, these Blakely Pants are pure love. For those who are tired of feeling bleugh in their jogger or yoga pants, the Blakely captures that fine line between dressy and cas. A soft fabric, a high waist, and in chic colors of dark dreamy marsala and black, you can wear these to the office with a white t-shirt and some chunky gold jewelry and look well put together and ready to take on the world.


2. Bailey Romper


Get ready for a good romp of a day as you step out in the most sublime item that all women should have tucked away in their wardrobe - the Bailey Romper. Available in oat or black and with a ton of sizes to fit you like a glove, the romper is all about summer fun or in-between seasonal style. You can wear this little gem anywhere and it has been made to accentuate natural curves and power up all confidence factors. Keep it casual for lazy Sundays at home or pair with killer necklaces and heels for a night out on the town.


3. Hazel Midi Dress


Another must for the collection, the Hazel Dress is sheer magic. Pure proof that you don't have to haul it down to Old Navy to stock up on sweats, this dress is soft summer flow. With its floral charm to make it an Instagram star, a cinched smocked waist and pretty puffy sleeves this is sure to become one of your go-to faves when you want feminine comfortable clothing. Wear it for date nights waltzing beneath the stars, a picnic party, or even with sneakers for when you want to take a walk on a balmy bright afternoon.


4. Kristen Joggers


If joggers are certainly on the agenda but you want a pair that doesn't make you look like a slouch, then the Kristen Joggers are an absolute joy to behold. Soft, sublime, and in a delicious oat shade, these are sure to become part of your new favorite comfy clothes. Yes, they have pockets and yes they can either be born with low socks and sneakers for that athletic look or paired with sandals and crop tops for that chic style that looks straight out of Urban Outfitters.


5. Jane Cardigan


No comfy outfit would be complete without having a cozy cardigan stashed in your wardrobe. The Jane Cardigan is a joy and you are sure to be a walking advertisement for class and cool. In shades of soft grey and with balloon style sleeves for even more home comfort, this wonderful women's clothing accessory comes with a thousand options and styles. You can wear this with just about anything and whether you want a snug small or a comfy XL, versatility is the name of the game. Slip it over tees, wear it with sweat pants, or even pair it with a sweet flowy dress and oversized bags for a look that is laced off the page style.


6. Helen Sweater


No comfortable clothes order is complete without a super soft sweater and fortunately, this Helen Sweater makes us want to sink right in. Tie-dye colors, balloon sleeves, and a v neck are all elements we love and this is going to look lush for winter eves at home. For all those women and men looking for inspired seasonal gifts - nothing says snuggle up with me like the relaxed cashmere-like feel of this soft sweater.


7. Zoey Legging


Skip out on those too-tight jeans that make you feel like you want to forever live in a drawstring waist and instead say yes a new brand of cozy sexiness with the Zoey Leggings. One of the best sellers on the site, you will adore the results that of powerful positivity that pour in after you don these stylish leggings that look smoking when paired with snappy ankle boots and crop top.


8. Annie Tee


The Annie Tee is a must for any woman’s wardrobe especially as it can be worn with just about anything. Pick from a wide range of sizes and colors including versatile black, oat, hazelnut, ivory, and olive and let the cozy fit give plenty of room to breathe. The soft round neck and hem only add to the comfort and you can adapt this top to suit just about any style. Whether you wear it at home with a pair of sweatpants or if you tuck it in to a long flowing skirt or tie it to crop and wear with a pair of chic trousers, the Annie Tee is totally timeless.


9. Livia Maxi Skirt


 Hippy chick style meets supreme comfort and sass with the Livia Maxi Skirt. With a socked waist, generous pockets, and a fine buttery soft flow right down, this magical maxi skirt looks great when paired with sandals and a crop top or tee during the sweet months of summer or even paired with boots and sweater when the colder weather sets in. The tie dye print and one of a kind textile method means that each and every skirt is unique, exactly the way we like our fashion.


10. Daphne Jumpsuit



Soft ribs, wide legs, and a relaxed fit makes the Daphne Jumpsuit something we don’t want to get out of ever again. Jumpsuits have a history of being skintight and sexy but we thought hell no, there’s zero reason why a comfortable fit can’t top the chic charts. This jumpsuit comes in a gorgeous khaki color complete with peekaboo back for that added hint of hot. Being roomy as anything, you don’t have to worry about constrictive corners and it looks amazing when paired with boots and bare skin or when teamed with a long sleeve tee and sneakers.

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