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Joyfully Comfy: Why Cozy Clothes Make All the Difference



We humans have been clothing our bodies for at least 100,000 years (you read that right) to protect ourselves from the harsh elements. When did we start having fun with our clothes? My guess is not long after that.


What we wear impacts the way we feel and thus the way we think, act, and interact with others.


Enclothed Cognition, as those in lab coats call it (see what we did there?) is the term used to describe the way our behaviors change based on what we think and feel about what we wear. Studies show we even behave in ways that mirror what we’re wearing, aka our look.

You’ve heard the phrase 'Dress for success'; we say dress as your best self. And it turns out, that’s in comfort. When you’re dressed in clothes that you feel comfortable in you’re more likely to feel creative, friendly, and generally better about yourself.


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The flip side of the Psychology of Fashion (that’s a real thing) is that if you wear things that are uncomfortable, you will simply not feel your best. Wearing clothes that are ill-fitting (we’ve all been stuck in a too-tight outfit all night), too constricting, itchy or otherwise uncomfortable will limit your mobility, distract you, and most importantly make you feel less than your best. And our new mantra 'Dress as your best self' will not allow for that!


“Luxury should be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” Coco Chanel


This isn’t meant as a free pass to wear your sweatpants everywhere, because you won’t feel very comfortable at the office in those, but pair a cozy sweater with your favorite jeans and boots instead of a constricting button up and see how you feel. And when you feel comfortable in your clothes, others can sense that too, creating a more positive environment for everyone.

Choosing comfy clothes will improve your confidence and allow you to place more energy on whatever it is you’re doing in them, from working to eating to sleeping. So reach for clothes that make you feel empowered, confident, and...your best self.


And p.s. If you’re feeling blue, put on something comfy in a bright color; it’s been proven to boost your mood!  

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