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7 Timeless Head Scarf Styles That You Can Wear Today

Bad hair dyes turn up to bite us all from time and time and for those who cannot face scraping their locks back into a limp and lousy ponytail or doing a deep dive through their hat stash, the headscarf could be just your ticket back to chic style. From sumptuous silks to rich cotton colors, block prints and cute turbans, the headscarf look is vibrant, versatile, and ever ready to rescue bad hair days. There are so many creative and cool ways to wear a headscarf, whether you are wrapping it up in Grace Kelly style or twisting the fine fabric to wear protect your hair when out in the wind or rain, the headscarf is a look to love.


Types of Scarves For Your Hair

There are so many ways to wear head scarves and this really comes down to how the scarf is made. The material will determine the way that it can be tied and the shape will determine how you can wear it around your head. (No, it doesn't just come down to tying two ends together!)

Here's our quick breakdown of what to look for when shopping for a head scarf.

By Size

From a flowing skinny slip of material to a compact and charming square, headscarves come in different shapes and sizes and the one you choose depends on how your headscarf will be used. There's zero harm in having a bunch of different headscarves, but for those seeking square style scarves that will cover most of their head you really want to seek out something that comes in no less than 28 inches by 28 inches. Your rectangular or trail-like scarf can be as endless as you like as you can always wrap the ends, tie up the excess in a knot, create bows at the side, or find a number of cute ways to wear those free-flowing pieces.


By Shape

Whether square slip of fabric or long and flowing, these are the two most popular shape of headscarf to bring fine-tuned fashion to your do. The square headscarf is one of the more versatile solutions as they are easier to sculpt into shape in comparison to their longer thinner cousins. The rectangular or long headscarf style is good for those who want the pretty fabric hanging down or those who are keen to tempt with the turban look.


By Material

When it comes to picking scarves according to fabric, the world of fashion and flair truly becomes your oyster. Of course, silk is one of the most popular choices for headscarves as not only does it ooze chic and sophisticated style a la Audrey Hepburn style or Jackie Onassis, but the silky fuss-free fabric also keeps the frizz right down. Silk is a luscious material for wrapping your locks if you want to keep them healthy but the fine flimsy material doesn't always hold up to tie and knot fashion shapes. Other headscarf materials include cotton or polyester for summer styling and in winter you can even opt for cotton with silk or satin lining to keep things cozy.


How to Wear a Headscarf With Short Hair

One of the best things about headscarves is the fact that you see all kinds of people with all kinds of hair sporting this chic fashion garment. One glance at the biggest fashion influencers on Instagram and you see a wealth of looks calling on waist-length hair, short and shorn, sleek and soft, and wild and curly locks all making the most of this simple accessory. Those with short hair can share the joy in a really easy way thanks to not having to pile up voluminous weight. Here are the easiest sassiest options for short-haired locks...

  • The Bandana / The Reverse
  • The Twister Headband
  • The Turban
  • The Vintage Babushka


How to Wear a Headscarf With Hair Down

Wearing a headscarf when your hair is loose and down brings feminine grace and a splash of color, tone, and texture woven throughout what would be a normal and everyday style otherwise. This is where you get to marry outfit to hair in a way that is equal measures cute and chic. If opting for side ties and bows be sure to make them vintage by opting for silks and loose shapes. The following choice of styles are gorgeous for those down hair happenings…

  • The Twister Headband
  • The Pony Tie
  • The Vintage Babushka
  • The Gatsby


How to Wear a Headscarf Professionally/To Work

If you want to sport your headscarf in the workspace there is no reason why you can’t incorporate these lush looks in with your office wear. Of course, the more subtle choice of styles is those where the headscarf is used as a hair accessory to hold a pony or in the place of a headband. Yet, the turban and the twisted crown can easily be used especially if you opt for block or muted color tones to match your workwear. We recommend the following styles for that signature office sass…

  • The Twisted Crown
  • The Twisted Headband
  • The Pony Tie


7 Timeless Head Scarf Styles That You Can Wear Today


1. The Twister Headband


Photo Credit: @from.mila

This lush look is perfect for those days when you want to add a cute and colorful accessory to your look or for when you are aiming to cover up some rootage. It's effortlessly chic, weaves in a little je ne sais quoi, and is super easy to do.

Learn How To Do It: Check out this tutorial and get the look


2. The Bandana

Photo Credit: @vintagevibes._.90s

In another time this wrap may have been synonymous with Hulk Hogan, the forehead heavy wrap is now more linked to country girl style. When you pair it with a boho dress and low boots you can also bring back to life that look that celebrates 70’s festival style. There are so many ways to style a bandana, besides in your hair, so go wild with it.

Learn How To Do It: Celebrate the noughties with this step by step vid


3. The Pony Tie

Photo Credit:@from.mila

One of the best ways to wear a headscarf is to simply use it when tying your pony back. So much more feminine and vintage chic than a boring old hairband, you can use a rectangular silk scarf for this look and leave the ends trailing. This is one of those gorgeous summer looks and one of our favorite simple ways is to tie a pretty bow in the back.

Learn How To Do It: It's the sweetest hairstyle 


4. The Vintage Babushka

Photo Credit: @hindarouam

Whether you link it more to Mother Russia or whether you are wooed by those vintage black and white photos of Hollywood stars in topless cars with a silk scarf wrapped around their head and tied beneath the chin to protect their hair and keep them looking flawless, the vintage babushka is back in style. An easy fold that keeps your polished locks in place, this is great for when going someplace and wanting to keep your hair safely under wraps.

Learn How To Do It: This babushka chic tutorial says it all


5. Reverse Bandana


Photo Credit: @bandanastyle1

Those seeking a way to tame those curls or combat the frizz will love the top knot reverse bandana twist. One of the different ways you can celebrate the versatility of headscarves, simply take the square fold of a scarf, fold it in half with a diagonal slant and wrap it from behind your neck until it meets at the top and center. Tie it in a knot, curate a cute bow, or simply leave the excess slips hanging down the side.

Learn How To Do It: Get pinup perfection right here


6. The Turban

Photo credit: @curlygallal

An epically amazing style that covers up all of your hair, the turban is best worn on a day when you want your locks stashed away. This style is sure to make the most of those divine headscarves that come splashed in a new funky print or pretty color, whether one that matches your outfit or clashes in carefully orchestrated chic style. While the turban is achieved by using an array of folds and knots there's a ton of information on how to do it right simply by following the link below for top tips.

Learn How To Do It: Here are four different ways to fall in love with this head scarf style


7. The Twisted Crown

Photo Credit: @niahina

Calling on all the delight of a bright and stretchy wrap, the twisted crown is amazing when used to hold curls off the face. Similar to the headband style but with a twist and a crown that sits atop the head, this is how you turn up the volume on your head scarf fashion style. Make sure you tie it snug around the hairline of your head to create a vision that can be worn on casual Sundays at home or even at the office or when soaking up summer fun.

Learn How To Do It: Quick and easy, this vid says it all

Are you in love with these headscarf looks? Share your favorite wraps with us in the comments


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