Have It All, Girl: Styling Comfies for The Office, Weekend, and Date Night


You’re in the know that comfy clothes make all the difference. But how do you style your most cozy clothes so you still look your best at every occasion? It’s all about the base.

At the Office

This one only seems tricky, the reality is you don’t have to be uncomfortable to look professional. The key is to start with a comfy and perfect-fitting first layer. Try a loose tank in a breathable fabric that’s thick enough to be office appropriate (not sheer). Tuck in the front of your tank and over top pair an open cardigan with a long necklace or close your cardi and belt it for a more layered, put together look. Since your first layer is soft and will keep you cool (no long sleeves to get bunched up), you’ll look office ready and feel cozy all day at your desk.



Weekend Stroll

You don’t have to spend the weekend in your sweats to be cozy (but if you want to, by all means...). We think weekends are a fun time to go pantless, don’t you?  At least a time to ditch the restricting jeans and more formal pants we tend to wear during the week. A flowy pant made of soft, breathable material can be paired with a fitted crop top for warm weather weekend strolling, or add a jean jacket if it’s cooler. Wearing pants with flow that allow you to move will have you dancing through your downtime with joy.


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Date Night

Styling a date outfit can be a little stressful, but when it comes down to it we want to send a message that says we’re comfortable with who we are, right? It makes sense then that the best way to do that is to choose an outfit that you feel comfortable in. The best tip I can give you is to start underneath it all; your undies!


Choosing a bra and underwear combo that's super comfy, sexy, and fun (think bright colors, materials with sheen or sparkle, exciting patterns) has been proven to give you a boost of confidence even if no one but you knows what’s underneath.


On top of that, the most important thing: don’t try to squeeze into something uncomfortable. Your best self feels good in clothes that fit. Last tip: you’re never fully dressed without a smile. And when you’re feeling good and know you have a secret underneath those clothes, how can you resist a grin from ear to ear?

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