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9 Casual Work Outfits to Move You From Office Day to Date Night

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Just because you work 9-5 doesn’t mean your fashion has to take a nosedive. In the modern work world we no longer need to tie ourselves down with stuffy suits and stiff collars.

Instead, we can take a more business casual approach that not only looks good but keeps us comfortable in the office environment too.

Our work wardrobe can be an amazing representation of who we are by blending street style with that well put together office style too.

Bring a touch of flair to your work outfit ideas, whether it's swapping out the button-up shirt for a t-shirt with your oversized blazer or swapping those suit style black pants for black jeans or skinny jeans, there's no reason why you can't weave in a sense of casual Friday with your usual office look.

The more we embrace the ethos of casual work outfits, the more likely we are to feel eased and comfortably ourselves in the workplace. With comfort comes heightened productivity, more energy, and plenty more confidence to keep things flowing.

Not to mention, we spend such a huge chunk of our lives at work so it seems a shame not to let our authentic selves shine.

Whether you love the formal prep of chinos or dress pants or if you feel a million dollars in boyfriend jeans, let's change the way we think about what to wear to work and start saying a heartfelt yes to carrying our own sense of style wherever we go.

For all those who are unsure how to break out of business outfits, here are a few looks we are loving for keeping things office casual all the way...


Business Casual in a Cozy Sweater Dress With Boots


Why it works: This swish sweet dress totally captures that vibe of casual dress that can easily straddle the line as an office outfit. The long sleeve cut, the pale color scheme, and the cute flair make it super cozy and feminine without compromising your office wear dress code.

How to do it: You can pair it with tights and heeled ankle boots and even a blazer for a smart-casual look or you can keep it totally casual with a denim jacket slung over the top.


Stylish (And Comfy) Work Outfit in a Midi Skirt With a Slit


Why it works: Midi skirts are pure magic when it comes to every day work wear. You can style them in so many ways and they make an awesome choice for those looking for work clothes that can carry them all the way to cocktails and dinner. Midi skirts are such a trend right now, falling just below the knee, these skirts are a keen reminder that length doesn't need to be frumpy when it comes to your business casual wardrobe.

How to do it: Pick a midi skirt that comes with a pop of color and paired with a white collared shirt for something a tiny bit more formal or opt for a plain t-shirt if you are looking to style summer outfits for the workplace. If picking a midi skirt with a slit you may want to pair with a long sleeve top to balance it out. A bright midi skirt paired with a turtleneck sweater is the ultimate fall-winter look.


 Casual Office Vibes in a Floral Print Pantsuit


Why it works: Bring a splash of color and play to your business attire by opting for jumpsuits that are chic and casual while still hitting that business casual dress code. We love this summer wardrobe floral print with cuffed sleeves and cropped pants combination.

How to do it: For a more structured and less casual look you can add a blazer over your jumpsuit and then when its time to leave the office, simply swap out that blazer for a jean jacket and hit the terrace for an alfresco evening. If wearing block colored jumpsuits, add a pop of color with a bright show choice or a statement necklace.