9 Casual Work Outfits to Move You From Office Day to Date Night


Just because you work 9-5 doesn’t mean your fashion has to take a nosedive. In the modern work world we no longer need to tie ourselves down with stuffy suits and stiff collars.

Instead, we can take a more business casual approach that not only looks good but keeps us comfortable in the office environment too.

Our work wardrobe can be an amazing representation of who we are by blending street style with that well put together office style too.

Bring a touch of flair to your work outfit ideas, whether it's swapping out the button-up shirt for a t-shirt with your oversized blazer or swapping those suit style black pants for black jeans or skinny jeans, there's no reason why you can't weave in a sense of casual Friday with your usual office look.

The more we embrace the ethos of casual work outfits, the more likely we are to feel eased and comfortably ourselves in the workplace. With comfort comes heightened productivity, more energy, and plenty more confidence to keep things flowing.

Not to mention, we spend such a huge chunk of our lives at work so it seems a shame not to let our authentic selves shine.

Whether you love the formal prep of chinos or dress pants or if you feel a million dollars in boyfriend jeans, let's change the way we think about what to wear to work and start saying a heartfelt yes to carrying our own sense of style wherever we go.

For all those who are unsure how to break out of business outfits, here are a few looks we are loving for keeping things office casual all the way...


Business Casual in a Cozy Sweater Dress With Boots


Why it works: This swish sweet dress totally captures that vibe of casual dress that can easily straddle the line as an office outfit. The long sleeve cut, the pale color scheme, and the cute flair make it super cozy and feminine without compromising your office wear dress code.

How to do it: You can pair it with tights and heeled ankle boots and even a blazer for a smart-casual look or you can keep it totally casual with a denim jacket slung over the top.


Stylish (And Comfy) Work Outfit in a Midi Skirt With a Slit


Why it works: Midi skirts are pure magic when it comes to every day work wear. You can style them in so many ways and they make an awesome choice for those looking for work clothes that can carry them all the way to cocktails and dinner. Midi skirts are such a trend right now, falling just below the knee, these skirts are a keen reminder that length doesn't need to be frumpy when it comes to your business casual wardrobe.

How to do it: Pick a midi skirt that comes with a pop of color and paired with a white collared shirt for something a tiny bit more formal or opt for a plain t-shirt if you are looking to style summer outfits for the workplace. If picking a midi skirt with a slit you may want to pair with a long sleeve top to balance it out. A bright midi skirt paired with a turtleneck sweater is the ultimate fall-winter look.


 Casual Office Vibes in a Floral Print Pantsuit


Why it works: Bring a splash of color and play to your business attire by opting for jumpsuits that are chic and casual while still hitting that business casual dress code. We love this summer wardrobe floral print with cuffed sleeves and cropped pants combination.

How to do it: For a more structured and less casual look you can add a blazer over your jumpsuit and then when its time to leave the office, simply swap out that blazer for a jean jacket and hit the terrace for an alfresco evening. If wearing block colored jumpsuits, add a pop of color with a bright show choice or a statement necklace.


Business Casual With A Crop Top and High-Waisted Wide Leg Pants


Why it works: Wide leg cropped pants are one of the office fashion trends we are loving. This casual business outfit is completely cool and works for all seasons whether you are a teacher or New York city office temp. You can dress up or dress down the wide legged dress pant and they are super comfortable to boot.

How to do it: In the warmer months, you can wear with a plain cotton tee and blazer or even a dress shirt and dress shoe. In the cooler months, don't be afraid to pair with a turtleneck sweater and pointy ankle boots for a business casual look that is endlessly chic. The golden rule of keeping cropped pants work environment ready? Always tuck in your top.


Super Versatile Casual Office Outfit With A Maxi Dress


Why it works: The maxidress is so much more than a beachy peachy summer staple, it can also be switched to an amazing casual outfit for the office. When it comes to business casual outfits, a simple maxi dress will work as your (workwear) canvas. It will probably be one of your most comfortable office outfits, too.

How to do it: Choose something in a block color and with sleeves to avoid the vacation look and ditch the sandals in place of snappy ankle boots and you have an instant classic when it comes to business casual attire that is totally professional and just the right amount of casual too.


 Casual Chic Work Outfit With Wide Cropped Pants


Why it works: Back to those cropped pants but this time lets take a look at pairing it for a fall winter look to give you one of our favorite warm casual work outfit ideas. Take the cropped pant and pair with a long sleeve slouch top for a truly comfortable yet chic look that hits all the right notes when it comes to style and effort. In this gorgeous get-up garb you are doing a full rework of the traditional pants and sweater look but bringing a 21st century shimmy to the party.

How to do it: We also think this style works well with the French tuck AKA tucking in the front of your shirt and leaving the back trailing. The French tuck is all about the drape, and when done right it brings European casual office style to totally complete your look.


Comfy Office Outfit in a Neutral Jumpsuit


Why it works: We can't help it, we are smitten by the sultry and sophisticated and super cozy jumpsuit as office attire.

How to do it: This wide-legged jumpsuit look is perfect for spring seasons and you can carry it into the casual fall season and winter too by adding a turtleneck underneath for an extra layer of warmth. The muted color scheme, the snuggly material, and the lush loose fit ensure that this is going to become one of your new favorite outfits.


Casual Office Inspiration in a Wrap Top and Jeans


Why it works: For a spring look that is totally work acceptable but won't make you overheat in the office, the wrap top should be a staple in your business casual outfits. This look is forever figure-flattering thanks to its huggy silhouette shape and with its tie side, it's also super feminine and cute too.

How to do it: Long sleeves keep you warm and the slightly cropped look also ensures that you can wear this with high waisted white jeans or even bootcut jeans or more formal pants. Pair with accessories like dangly earrings or a statement piece of jewelry and you will be the star of workwear fashion trends.


Casual Fridays in a Feminine Pullover


Why it works: Who said pullovers have to put you into a cold-weather fashion slump? Find sexy inspiration and feel comfy and awesome with this open-back sweater. For those casual Friday style outfit ideas when all you want to do is rock up for your office jobs in a sweater and boyfriend jeans without feeling frayed around the edges, this open sweater doesn't scrimp on the professional edge.

How to do it: Keep yourself crisp and casual by wearing with skinny black jeans or even cropped black pants. You can dress this up with ankle boots or cute flats or go full on urban edge with sneakers – why not mix and match a little of both these styles to truly own it.


FAQ About Casual Work Attire

How should I dress for a casual day?

If your office normally buttons you up in a suit but has a dedicated day for going casual, you don't need to panic when it comes to a savvy and sassy outfit idea. You certainly don't want to look sloppy (few businesses are down for that), but you can bust out of formality by wearing a business casual outfit like slacks and a shirt or a midi skirt and tee if your office tends to bring a more casual approach to its style pantry.

If your workplace's idea of 'business casual' is still heavy on the business side of things, then try giving your casual outfits a professional makeover by pairing with a pair of heels, a nice blazer, and delicate accessories for a put together and casual work outfit.

Are jeans considered casual?

Jeans are considered to be all about casual style but that doesn't mean that you can't pair them with your list of business casual outfit ideas. If you do choose to wear jeans to your job you can still maintain that crisp finish by choosing darker jeans or black jeans and opting for a skinny fit over the baggy boyfriend variety. Even a denim jacket thrown over a a work outfit or paired with black pants can put a fun spin on business casual.

What is casual evening attire?

One of the best things about wearing business casual work outfits is that it doesn't take much to move them out of the day look and into evening wear. Simply by swapping out a blouse for a tee and some boots or flats for sneakers, you can transform those cropped pants from office wear into a gorgeously chic concert look. That jumpsuit or maxi dress can also be transformed into date night attire by swapping shoes, adding a statement piece of jewelry, and hitting the town.

What do you wear for your more casual workdays? Do you think you will be dressing differently when it comes to office outfits post-Covid 19? Share your thoughts and favorite work style ideas with us in the comments.


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