5 Things to Throw in Your Carry-On For Your Best Travel Ever


While traveling, think of your carry on bag as your little home while you’re away. You may not be sure when you’ll be able to open your suitcase or sprawl onto your airbnb bed, but if you pack your carry on right you’ll have everything you need for maximum comfort, even if you get stuck in layover purgatory.

Add these 5 things to your bag to be sure you’re feeling good on the fly.

1. A Sclanket (yes we made that up) aka Giant Scarf - A big scarf is the best travel accessory. If it’s lightweight it takes up almost no space and has so many uses. It’s an extra layer without the extra bulk, which comes in handy with ever changing climates of airports and transport, it doubles as a blanket (or a pillow!), and you can wrap things up in it and tie a knot to keep them protected. 


2. Food Hacks - The processed food at airports can be expensive and not so good for you. Consider bringing a lightly dressed salad or sliced fruit in a mason jar - easy and protected from squishiness. Another option is powdered fruits in a lightweight travel shaker. Staying away from foods that will make you feel gross will get your trip off to a great start.

3. H2O+ - Bring your reusable water bottle with a lemon wedge inside to fill up once you get past security. Planes are super dehydrating, and bringing your own water bottle will ensure you can sip all day. Also consider bringing your own tea bags. Pack some echinacea tea (or Airborne) to boost your immune system or some chamomile tea to help you sleep on the flight. Tea is also hydrating. 

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4. Must Haves - A checklist is key to ensure stress free travel, and these items should definitely be on it: Proper ID, prescriptions, travel documents, cell phone and laptop chargers, headphones, and a book. Eye mask optional.

5. Socks - When trying to figure out what to pack while traveling, socks seems like the unsexiest of items. But you heard it from us: throw a pair of socks in your bag. If you get cold on the flight you can double them up over the ones you’re wearing, or if you’re flying somewhere tropical (lucky you!) you can switch them for your strappy sandals before you de-plane.


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