6 Cute and Cozy Crop Top Outfit Ideas For Every Body


Crop tops aren't just for teenage girls. Most of us would barely bat an eyelid at the idea of sporting some shoulder or showing off our legs but come to the bare midriff and we suddenly feel like we need to think twice.

But a crop top outfit is ever ready to make you a style icon and can even be an incredibly versatile and comfortable look to add to your gorgeously grown-up wardrobe. There are also a ton of ways to wear crop tops that don't show any skin at all.

From a pinch of flirty fun to spring and summer season must-have items, you can find a thousand ways to wear crop tops that will make you wonder what the hell took you so long to arrive at this point. 


6 Crop Top Outfits That Are Actually Comfortable


Long Skirts and Crop Tops


Why it works: Dreamy and demure, the long skirt and crop top combo is a look to love. This pairing still manages to stay sophisticated and floaty even with your bare belly skin on show. Also thanks to the positioning of long skirts sitting higher on the hips, this outfit idea will make it appear that you have a longer torso.

How to do it: It's a gorgeous and casual warm weather look to wear a simple black crop with a midi skirt and sneakers. You can also pair a white crop tee with a floral print maxi skirt for a floaty feminine look that is the very essence of boho spring.


Crop Top And Jeans


Why it works: There is nothing that brings more urban sass than high waisted pants with a crop top. The crop top will sit just on the band of your high waisted jean meaning that you don't have to worry about flaunting too much. The crop top and jeans combo is a classic and can easily morph from a day to night look simply by swapping out shoes and adding accessories. While we adore the sophisticated nature of a crop top with palazzo pants and culottes, we also never forget the fabulousness of jeans.

How to do it: This is the best way to wear those crop top styles you love - either a button up crop top in bright colors with vintage denim jeans and white sneakers for a street style that oozes cool or with skinny jeans, high heels, and a statement necklace for a super sexy date night idea.


Crop Top Over or Under Dress


Why it works: One of the most daring ways to embrace the energy of the crop top has to be wearing it layered over a dress. Not only does this look achingly chic but it also helps to form a fabulous silhouette for the body. Even better if you can choose something with a color difference that adds contrast - white on black or black on white will always look awesome at the office. The crop over dress look is one of those details that can turn a single outfit into two-piece style. We also love the crop top under a dress or overall look too. Not only does this keep you cool and comfortable, its also effortlessly chic.

How to do it: A crop top over an oversized long sleeved shirt dress is a gorgeous outfit idea for elegant office wear. If you are after a party girl's clothing style then the crop top over silk slip dress is effortlessly sexy. A plain mono dress with a bright patterned crop will also lend a designer clothes like catwalk look to your bank of outfits ideas.


Crop Top With Leggings


Why it works: There are so many ways to sport the balancing look of a crop top with leggings. We love leggings, they are one of the comfiest and most versatile pant styles in the wardrobe and are like the shape shifters of the fashion world. When paired with a crop top you get that glorious mix of active chic that oozes comfort and also shows the world you are brimming with beautiful self-confidence.

How to do it: If you play it smart you can even rock the black crop top with leggings look for the office, particularly if you throw on a white over shirt and pair of smart pumps for a casual business outfit that screams chic. If you prefer the sportier yoga babe vibe, then it's a tank top style crop in a block color with bright leggings and even a denim jacket slung over for good measure.


Long Sleeve Crop Top 


Why it works: The long sleeve crop top is a party favorite. While it may show some midriff, it keeps arms and shoulders covered which can help you feel so much more comfortable if you don't want too much skin on display.

How to do it: The best thing about the long sleeve top is that it comes in so many styles. You can choose a front crop top with puff sleeves to pair with wide leg pants for a touch of boho. You can choose an off the shoulder crop top and you can even pair your sleeved crop with a midi skirt for a casual crop look on cooler days.


Shorts and Crop Top 


Why it works: This classic summer look is all surf girl cool but can also be easily glammed up and gifts you the chance to play with texture. You can opt for casual country shorts in stripes and cropped white tank tops for smart-casual class or you can add in ruffles, t-shirt style sleeves, and playful pattern type tops with wide linen shorts.

How to do it: High waisted shorts or just frayed edged denim shorts with bare feet make for a peachy beach look whereas pairing your sexy crop tops with shorts and heeled sandals is a cute country girl look for an afternoon date picnicking in the park

What are your favorite ways of wearing a crop top? Share your crop love with us in the comments and let’s get the spring style book ready to welcome back a little bare midriff.


A Little Background on The Crop Top Trend

The crop top is a fascinating piece of fashion history. In a world where we celebrate chic fashion as a form of self-expression, this item of clothing is a gorgeous gift for all women out there. It reminds us of the power that comes with reclaiming our own body space and to empower a version of ourselves that is totally cozy and comfortable in a crop top.

The crop top started life back in the 1940s as a way to make fabric last for longer because of war shortages. It quickly became a summer outfits staple and in true voracious vintage style was ever stunning when paired with high waisted skirts.

1940s fashion crop tops

image source

The crop top made a comeback in the '70s and then again in the '90s. These eras were all about pop culture and nothing captures the free love era of the seventies than an embroidered crop top with puff sleeves paired with tight white pants.

vintage crop tops

image source

Now, crop tops have grown from being part of our trendy summer outfits to being an essential part of our wardrobe.

You can get a knit crop top and cropped sweater for winter, the classic white crop top and jean shorts for those barefoot beach summers, and cropped tops under overalls or dresses for those in-between seasons when the temperature hasn't quite made up its mind.

Crop tops don't have to be synonymous with the idea of being constricted and on show. With the right crop top material and making sure you get a size that fits your bust, cute crop tops are sure to become a fave new fashion trend.

Take a look at these advice tips for sporting crop tops that are sure to make you see the crop as your new go to, no matter what the occasion calls for.


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