Cool, Confident and Cozy: Who Said Sexy PJs Need to Be Uncomfortable?

Getting ready for a night in with that special someone? Or maybe your 'Friend' is finally coming over to Netflix and chill? While you want to look good in your sleepwear, there’s nothing worse than spending hours in the world’s most uncomfortable clothing.

Luckily, cute PJs don’t have to be something you can’t wait to get out of (and not in a good way). We believe that you can feel comfortable and cozy while still looking smokin AF. And when you look good and feel even better, you’ll radiate a cool confidence that’s totally irresistible.

We’ve put together a few tips to help you pick out PJs that’ll make you feel like a cozy, confident queen.


Add some adorable details

Little details make all the difference and give comfy PJs a good twist. According to the French fashion icon, Caroline de Maigret, less is always more. ‘Just a hint of sensuality’ makes a look feel sexy and sophisticated – without trying too hard.

A cotton camisole might sound plain, but some fringe or a lace trim will instantly add a playful, feminine edge. A cleverly placed bow is a great way to draw attention to cleavage without resorting to uncomfortable push-up bras.

Use your hair to make a statement, too. A messy bun looks carefree while giving off serious ‘come to bed’ vibes. Or why not experiment with colorful headscarves? A cute red wrap will make you look like a vintage starlet, while bright prints add a cool, boho-inspired touch.



Pick the perfect pairings

OK, so a baggy sweater doesn’t look great with big, flannel PJ bottoms. But with some cute panties and knee-high socks? Your bae will be desperate to see what’s underneath.

As a rule, oversized tops look better with little on the bottom. Opt for short shorts or Sozy undies that show off your gorgeous legs. Be sure to choose natural fabrics like bamboo that allow your vagina to breathe. Men’s shirts and t-shirts also look great with this kind of look… especially with nothing underneath!

Camisole tops work with almost everything, but what you pair them with can completely change your look. Flowing silk pants look grown-up and elegant, while boxer shorts have a fun, flirty feel.



Find PJs that fit your figure

Don’t just look out for pretty patterns – it’s the fit that really adds sex appeal. Just like with regular clothes, it’s important to wear garments that work with your body type.

If you’re an hourglass, find fabrics that cling to your killer curves. Lighter cottons and silks will be comfy to wear while hugging you in all the right places. Tops with in-built support will also help you feel secure without having to wear a bra to bed.

Got a fuller figure? Aim for looser cuts that skim your curves without showing any wobbly bits. We recommend mid-length nightgowns and flowing fabrics that look elegant without feeling restrictive.

Women with flatter frames can experiment with alternative cleavage. Try tees that fall off the shoulder or cropped tanks that show off your toned stomach. You can even do some DIY to your existing PJs and give them a sexy twist.

So, it’s time to throw out those flannel PJs and that thong that feels more like dental floss! There are tons of different ways to find sexy sleepwear that’s cozy, too.

Whether you’re buying something new or giving your old clothes a new lease on life, just remember. It’s feeling comfortable, confident and 100% you that’s the real and important.

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