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6 Cute Outfits to Celebrate Your Curves

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Calling all curvy girls - your shape has style and there's plenty of ways to celebrate every inch of your body by wearing clothes that make you feel good. From cute and sassy summer outfits to winter warmers, we take a look at some of the top style tips and fabulous fashion ideas for all those voluptuous babes out there.

Curvy (But Not Plus Size) Clothing

Dressing up your curves doesn't mean playing down your shape and style, just because there are lots of lovely lady lumps doesn't mean you need to cover up and wear frumpy styles that don't make you feel good. There is no one size fits all solution for how to dress - but the bottom line is, that regardless of what kind of size fashion you are searching for, you should always pick clothes that make you feel comfortable, cozy, and your ultimate stylish self.

7 Styling Tips For Dressing A Thicc Body

Chubby girls can make the most of their beautiful bodies by checking out these style icon tips on how to make your wardrobe work for you. Of course, we are always a fan of the ethos of dressing for yourself and nurturing your own style, but for those plus size queens and shapelier women who want a little guidance on practical ways to flatter that hourglass figure, we have the lowdown right here.

One of the key points is not to feel like you have to hide anything away. There's no reason to skip out on crop tops, bright colors, and gorgeous figure-hugging dresses. Let's stash those days behind us when the fashion tips for bigger girls were all about dressing in drab black and hiding your midsection. This is the 21st century and while society definitely has a lot of work to do when it comes to fighting fatphobia and moving away from boring beach body ready narratives (ugh), fashion can be a fabulous path into positive self-expression and challenging the stereotypes that have been thrust upon us.

We highly recommend everyone to get out there and start joining plus size social platforms and IG accounts from fashion bloggers sporting a different body shape.

From thick thighs to a big booty or wherever your luscious lumps land, knowing your body and accentuating your shape and personality can kickstart a dream formula in making fashion work for you.

Here are some curvy woman practical tips on how to swap out the uninspiring sack for killer style...

  • Get good fitting underwear. This is the golden rule for all body shapes. Having underwear that supports you in all the right places can change the way your body fits into clothes and actually makes it easier to find garments that properly fit you. You want to avoid any VPL (visible panty lines) as this could be a hint that the dress or outfit is uncomfortably tight.
  • Update when weight changes occur. Whether you gain or lose a few pounds (our weight may fluctuate throughout our lives), don't make do with an ill-fitting wardrobe. Update your outfit choices based on your current weight as one of the easiest ways to look and feel good is to wear clothes that fit.
  • Tailor it up. While this may seem like an extravagance, getting your clothes tailored can be an amazing investment. Tailors are everywhere and they can easily make the difference between a garment looking sorry or completely sassy in the way it hangs on your body.
  • Lose the leggings. We love leggings, but they shouldn't always be used in the place of trousers. While they totally work when placed under a shirt dress, they originally weren't designed to be worn as a stand-alone garment. Opting for skinny jeans or jeggings is always going to be a better solution - whatever your size.
  • Fabric matters. Another golden rule of fashion is that fabric matters. Fabrics like polyester can be clingier and less comfortable than cotton-elastane. Work with good fabrics and your body will thank you for it. Not only will you be more comfortable but they can often be more complimentary to all kinds of body types. Also, as a bonus, you get to avoid flimsy fabrics and contributing to the fast fashion industry.
  • Up the accessories. Every fashion icon knows that a great outfit doesn't quit at just the main event. Accessories can be a complete game-changer when it comes to style. From picking the right shoes to elongate your legs to carrying a bag that is in proportion with your body, these are the finishing touches that bring a whole outfit idea together.
  • It's a wrap. Knowing your hemlines and how cuts can fit and change your shape is essential info for anyone to have when it comes to picking clothes that make them feel good. Wrap dresses are always a fave for curvy women because they straight up gift you that hourglass shape. Pencil skirts are totally chic as the knee-length hem can elongate your legs.


  • "Some curvy women prefer to tone down their figure while others like to showcase it."
  • "For those who want to showcase their tops, go for V neck blouses with dashing prints. Keep the shoulders and arms tight and go for Princess style blouses with a little movement on the waist area. Another great option is to go for tight blouses that cinch the waistline and go crazy on the sleeves.
  • The trick is to keep the volume balanced. High waisted pants are a great option for looks that showcase your waist line, while pencil skirts and midi A line skirts are an amazing choice for looks with Princess or romantic blouses. Both are amazing for hourglass figures!"
  • — Joe Flanagan, Founder of 90s Fashion World

Curvy Outfit Ideas

The spring and summer season is an awesome time for curvy girls to flaunt their stuff. From a beautiful bold colored one-piece bathing suit to a floral floaty maxi dress, figure-hugging hot date night wrap dress, or linen wide-leg pants paired with a tank top, this season is all about a hint of skin and letting everything breathe. Take a look at our fave curvy outfit ideas for a hot girl summer.

Curvy Girl Summer Outfits

Tight Crop and Flowy Skirt

Why it works: The fitted crop, a hint of skin, and the feminine flow of a long loose skirt is a dreamy delight of a summer look.

How to do it: Pair your crop with a high waisted flowing skirt in delicate prints for full femme appeal. Full-bodied skirts are awesome at balancing teeny tiny crops.