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10 Easy Tips for Styling Cute and Cozy Easter Dresses


The start of spring, flowers in bloom, and the playful nature of an Easter egg hunt, it’s an age-old tradition dating back to the 15th century that during Easter, you should wear new dresses to welcome in the sweetness of a new season and to bring a stroke of good luck into your life.

Easter dresses are all about moving out of winter and into a new season of hope and prosperity. Whereas a winter wardrobe can be all about heavy knits, dense patterns, and covered skin - Easter is here to help us embrace brighter times, family love, being out in the soft spring air, and falling head over heels with the riot of brightness that comes from the dainty buds that are starting to blaze.

Whether you choose to head to a church service for Easter or if you soak up a celebratory brunch with your boys and girls, here are all the ways to bring spring like designs and pretty products that make an Easter wardrobe so special.

Check out our tips for giving winter the cold shoulder and glowing in your Easter dresses this spring...


1. Find Floral Prints


Why it works: Easter is a holiday that celebrates many things - among them, the end of winter and the rebirth of spring. Spring dresses are an amazing choice to mark the occasion, with floral prints in bright or pastel colors helping to set the tone. Floral print dresses are a dream and help to bring out your feminine side and a sense of cheer that more than makes up for the dreary shades of winter that we get so used to.

How to do it: A splash of floral bright flare paired with white accessories and items like shoes or a pastel bag is a stunning way of making your spring debut in garden style.



2. Grab The Perfect Pastel Power


Why it works: Just like florals, spring shades are all about delicate color and swishing around in a dress in your favorite soft pastel shades. Look for Easter dresses inspired by French macarons - we are talking soft pale pink, light sky blue, lavender, gentle yellow, or mint green.

How to do it: Choose pastel colors based on the tone of your skin and select spring bouquet shades that complement your natural tone. Pastel dresses that fall down to the knee are also a beautiful outfit look for church or even a beautiful brunch with friends.



3. Say Yes to the Maxi Dress

Why it works: Long and flowing and utterly feminine, the maxi dress is one of our must-have outfits for any wardrobe collection. Maxi dresses are easy and elegant and even demure enough for that church service as they cover a whole lot of leg.

How to do it: Pick maxi dresses with a whole host of color and frothy pattern for an instant mood uplifter. Wear maxi dresses with flats or even strappy sandals for a soft look that is equal measures reserved and radiant.



4. Skip to Stripes


Why it works: If bright florals aren't your style you can still embrace Easter dresses by skipping straight to stripes. There's something about the stripe that seems to marry a slice of fun with sheer sophistication.

How to do it: Whether you opt for loud stripes or something demurrer in nautical shades of blue and white, striped dresses are one of those details that are forever flattering with the right fit and a totally versatile pattern that looks great when paired with simple jewelry and flats.



5. Don a Jumpsuit for Joy


Why it works: Ok we know that wide-legged jumpsuits aren't exactly dresses, but they can make a great stand-in for those girls out on a breezy brunch morning who don't want to run the risk of marrying wind and flimsy material. Jumpsuits are comfy and offer no shortage of style.

How to do it: Pick a cozy jumpsuit and pair it with chunky heels and amazing accessories for a look that straddles that line between casual and chic.



6. Slip on your Sandals


Why it works: With winter (hopefully) behind us as we bounce into Easter, it's time to stash those chunky boots at the back of your closet and pull out those pretty sandals to show off your feet. Have a pedicure and paint those nails because spring is when your toots come out of their woolen draped hibernation.

How to do it: Bringing an instant spring finish to any dress or skirt and shirt combo, opt for strappy sandals for your more formal church clothing and something sturdier for Easter egg hunts and cocktail celebrations with the girls.



7. Try a Skirt and Shirt Combo


Why it works: Another fresh take on Easter dresses has to be the shirt and skirt combo. We aren't talking dull and dreary office wear but rather long floral flowing skirts paired with bright tees or short-sleeved shirts depending on how formal the occasion.

How to do it: If keeping your look fresh and casual pick a cropped shirt to pair with your flowing skirt as a slip of skin is sure to keep things feminine and funky.



8. Try a Wraparound Style


Why it works: Wrap dresses are a totally timeless piece for your wardrobe and they seem to fit all kinds of shapes and sizes. With a fabulously flattering neckline and a voracious versatility that means you can pair them with either a straw hat and strappy sandals on a warm spring day or a turtleneck and boots for those living in chillier places, the wraparound dress is always one of those must grab items in the department shop or online sale.

How to do it: Paired with a pretty necklace and strappy shoes, the wraparound dress is one of those easy and elegant country club looks that is sure to cinch the deal of best dressed this Easter.



9. Go Nude (is the New Black)


Why it works: While we deffo advocate floral prints and pastels for all your spring needs, we also have a soft spot for nude dresses too. For women and dress lovers who want to skip out on the more feminine styles, nude is the middle ground you need if you want to steer clear of darker tones but also don't feel brave enough to wear white on an Easter egg hunt.

How to do it: Simple and sleek, nude dresses are an Easter holiday fave. If you want to bring a splash of color into the mix you can simply don a pair of bright shoes and other such accessories - the beauty of nude is that everything goes with it.



10. Get Flirty With an Off-Shoulder Style


Why it works: There’s a certain sense of demure delight to be adhered to when it comes to Easter dresses, especially for those who are heading to church. We all know that short clinging dresses here are a no-no. For those who want to keep it modest this holiday but who still want a sense of playful flair, then picking off the shoulder style dresses is sure to hit that sweet spot.

How to do it: Bare shoulders and long dresses give off gorgeous hints of summer and make everyone bask in the bright light of changing seasonal style.



Which Easter dresses are making your selection? What updates will you be making to your wardrobe this spring? Share all your favorite dress designs with us in the comments and let's celebrate the end of the winter season.



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