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Tiny Ways You Can Fight Climate Change


Famed climate activist Greta Thunberg said that ‘No-one was too small to make a difference’, and the same goes for acting upon climate change. While you may think that to tackle climate change you need to commit to grand gestures like cutting out flying altogether or moving into the forest and growing your own food, there are actually actionable tiny decisions you can make today that could help reduce your carbon footprint. Take a look at these pint-sized ideas for tackling climate change today…


Consider Energy Consumption


Every home uses energy, and one of the ultimate goals of climate change is to get to a place where we become a lot more energy-efficient and even switch to greener options. In your home right now, consider how you can be more energy efficient. Perhaps you can sign up for solar panels or maybe you can put a timer on your shower to reduce your water use, maybe you can swap all your bulbs to be energy efficient. These slight tweaks can make a big difference in lowering your overall energy consumption.


Swap Out Your Diet


The decisions we make about what we eat can also have a powerful positive imprint on the climate emergency. Even if you decide that going vegan or vegetarian isn’t the right choice for you, there are still ways in which you can make slight changes to your diet. Buying seasonal produce grown on your doorstep, cutting down on your meat and dairy intake, and opting for organic choices can all add up to reducing the huge pressure on the environment.


Reducing Plastic


Plastic is the big problem choking the world right now and its vital that we all take a look at those small ways we can reduce our own consumption. Whether it's swapping out your plastic water bottles for a refillable bottle, choosing to use bamboo razors instead of the disposable kind, and taking a fabric bag with you the nest time you go shopping. If we can manage to reduce our single-use plastic consumption we can make a big difference in reducing those nasty greenhouse gasses.


Go Local


While flying is certainly getting a bad rap for its rise, we understand that avoiding flying altogether isn’t always an option. This doesn’t mean you can’t trim down where and when you choose to go by air. Instead of flying to that neighboring state for a weekend, consider choosing somewhere closer to home, looking at train travel or even doing rideshare. The same methodology can also apply to driving. Instead of driving to the local store, take a walk or go via bicycle. It’s those tiny tweaks that all add up. Of course, you cannot cycle to a new continent, but you can push a little harder to pedal to your friend's house or the store.


Use Your Vote


Another way you can actively implement positive climate change is by choosing who you vote for based on their green policies. Politics is messy tricky business at the best of times, but the climate emergency matters and there will be politicians looking to introduce clear cut measures to take the pressure off. Before you choose who to vote for it is always worth looking at their climate policy and considering this in the decision-making process.

What small changes will you be making when it comes to fighting climate change? Share your tiny sword-wielding tactics with us in the comments and let’s build a bite-sized action plan for all.

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