3 (Big) Reasons to Choose American Made Clothing


American-made clothing goes beyond the idea of patriotism (though it can be about that too).

Home soil purchasing is about ethical consumer choices that help to reduce our carbon footprint, make it easier to seek traceable manufacturing processes, and cut down on supporting fast fashion.

In short, when you choose American made clothing brands, you are putting people and the planet above personal profit. This sets the precedent for what the future of clothing can look like.


At Sozy, we want fashion to feel good. Not just in the soft comfort of the materials we use and the cut of our clothes, but we want it to feel good in our hearts.

Ethical consumerism can pave the way for positive change in the world and we are proud to be part of that movement. At Sozy, we want to see an end to child labor, an end to fall-apart poor-quality clothing, and we want to see an end to excess waste and unfair working conditions within the industry.

This is why we choose to be one hundred percent USA-made. As a clothing company made in the USA, this ensures each and every item we design is high quality, long-lasting, supports the American worker, and keeps us truly connected to our brand mission.

Take a look at all the reasons we love to be a clothing shop made in USA.


3 Important Reasons to Choose Clothing Made In America


Better for People

One of the best reasons for choosing clothing made in the United States is to be safe in the knowledge that your clothes are made outside of sweatshops.

Fast fashion is a well-known humanitarian issue. One of the most notorious disasters caused by the fast fashion industry is that of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. It collapsed in 2013, killing 1,129 workers who were living on pennies a day to begin with. 

Rana Plaza after the collapse in 2013. Image sourceAbir Abdullah/European Pressphoto Agency

If you want to watch a life-changing documentary on the topic, then we highly recommend watching The True Cost. This doco outlines the lengths major fashion labels went to ignore employee pleas for better working conditions just to make a better profit.

American-made clothing companies, on the other hand, have to adhere to fair working standards and provide higher wages for those who work in manufacturing.

This means that when you buy clothes from an American-made brand, you know you aren't inadvertently supporting child labor, dangerous working conditions, or exploitation. You can revel in the comfort of knowing that your garment isn't supporting injustice and you can wear your women's apparel with awesome pride.


Better for the Planet

When you choose American manufacturing and American made clothes, you are already making an active choice in favor of a healthier planet. When we buy items from other countries, there is a whole process that involves packaging and shipping overseas. This burns fossil fuels and adds to the greenhouse gases, which are choking our planet.

In fact, 80 percent of the environmental impact that humans have on this planet can be contributed to the stuff we are buying alone.

So buying your clothing in-country can cut out all that long distance travel for your orders to arrive. This means less fuel is used in getting your all-American brand clothing right to your door.

Add into this the fact that many countries that manufacture fast fashion don't always have the same clean air and water policies as the USA. Making the choice to purchase clothing items from cheap manufacturing brands all adds to pollution and poor soil quality which in turn reduces the chance for developing nations to have access to clean water, good food, and clean air.


Better for Your Pocket

The textile industry is responsible for a staggering amount of waste. With a massive 80 billion garments a year being made, it's really important to commit to being part of the solution rather than contributing to the problem. This is, of course, down to the clothing co to try and limit their wastage.

But it's also down to each individual consumer and the decisions they make.

Buy right and you only need to buy once.

With factories churning out cheap clothing, the quality of how the products are made takes a hit. With a low-price range comes garments that can fall apart in a matter of months, leading you into buying more time and time again.

In fact, the average American spends almost 4% of their annual income on clothing, with about $161 per month going to new garments.

When you buy higher-quality items, however, your need to spend significantly reduces.

The initial investment of buying from an American clothing company can be a little higher at first glance, but with higher prices comes higher quality. Whether its American made denim, gorgeous organic cotton, or a limited-edition dress, you are investing in beautiful pieces that can last a lifetime.


Where We Source Our Products



We are proud to call ourselves a made in the USA clothing brand and all of our clothing is made in Los Angeles. Forever committed to eco-friendly practice and being a high-quality American manufacturer, our women's clothing line celebrates empowering the people, the planet, and your pocket.

At Sozy, comfort is more than skin deep. It's also about being comfortable with the decisions we make and the way we run our American clothing brand. Everything in our shop is made on home soil in Los Angeles and designed to nurture comfort, pride, and a sense of personal power for all women everywhere.


What do you think about USA brands? Are you more inclined to buy on home turf and if so, for what reasons? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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