We Support Survivors of Domestic Violence Through RAINN – Sozy


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We Support Survivors of Domestic Violence Through RAINN

we support survivors of domestic violence

Empowering women is our purest passion and one of the main reasons we do what we do at Sozy. As a woman-owned business, our mission is to use our place in this world to lift other women up and to use our collective power to liberate others in what small ways we can.

We are so proud to be partners with RAINN and to honor the incredible work that they do. In a world that can be difficult for women, we think its truly important to support survivors.

Showing support for survivors can be paramount to recovery and self-esteem in women who have been through trauma. Vocalizing that support can also help to validate someone’s bravery in speaking up and reinforces the importance of believing survivors.

Being able to speak about trauma is said to be one of the first steps in the recovery process and can pave the way for others to speak out too. The more we work to support survivors, the closer we get to exposing violence against women in our global culture and rooting it out of the shadows to put a stop to it for good.

At Sozy, we want to reduce the stigma around speaking up about sexual violence and to honor women’s voices around the world. RAINN do invaluable work and we support them in our whole body and hearts for the awesome impact they are making.


What Is RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)?

RAINN stands for Rape, Abuse &Incest National Network. They are one of the most trusted and well-connected organizations in the USA and are set up to direct survivors to local support services.

One call to RAINN and women can get the help and support they need on the ground locally. RAINN partner with over a thousand localized sexual assault service providers meaning they are able to swiftly direct survivors to the right local support network.

For more than a quarter of a century, RAINN have been extending a hand to women who need to be believed, validated, and supported. They have helped over three million people and they also do incredible work when it comes to educating and training and even bringing cases to justice. Find out more about the wonderful work offered by RAINN.