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Power in Numbers: Why We Love 1 Percent for the Planet

1 percent for the planet


We all share this beautiful planet and it's up to all of us to protect it. From ocean sunsets to wild river swims, national park hikes and gulping down crystal clean air, now more than ever, these times have taught us the grace, beauty, and incredible health benefits of the great outdoors.

At Sozy, we are serious about our environmental responsibility.

From planting as many trees as possible to committing to being carbon neutral, and dedicating 1 percent to the planet, these are a few actionable ways in which we are trying to make a positive impact on the climate crisis.


One Percent For The Planet


An alliance of businesses that come together to dedicate one percent of their sales to grassroots environmental action and approved nonprofit partners, 1 Percent for the Planet recognizes that there is great strength in numbers when we all come together to do our bit.

1 Percent for the Planet was kickstarted when two businessmen met and became inspired by their love of nature to give something back. They both decided to commit one percent of their annual sales to help protect the planet and realized they could encourage other businesses to do the same.

The idea was and remains that there is power in unity and that something huge and abstract like fighting climate change can become a simple reality when we collaborate and share the weight.

The other essential component of the idea was to put our commitment to the planet above profit and dedicate that 1 percent of sales whether or not it was profitable. These two businessmen were Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews of the Blue Ribbon Flies brand.


What The Organization Wants To Accomplish


The baseline mission behind 1 Percent for the Planet is to bring dollars and doers together. Their global network is diverse and sprawling and growing every single day. We all have our own 1 percent of the planet that we care about.

Whether it's wanting to protect a certain piece of land, help keep animals safe, a desire to spread environmental education, changing everyday actions, supporting renewable energy, or cutting down on pollution, whether you want to give your contribution to grassroots environmental groups or dedicate it to those seeking environmental solutions, you get to fund the issues you care about.

1 Percent for the Planet is solution-based, they look to smart environmental giving policies to make sure that the issues that matter most are getting the help and support they need.

By working with a range of environmental nonprofit organizations, 1 Percent for the Planet is committed to making positive change across some of the following areas:

  • Overcoming the present threat of climate change through positive action
  • Creating sustainable food systems across the world
  • Conserving and protecting land
  • Cutting carbon emissions and reducing pollution
  • Cleaning up the environment
  • Global action to restore and protect the quality of all water on the planet
  • Conserve and protect biodiversity


The Organization's Key Strategies For Making This Happen


1 Percent for the Planet works on a super simple business model, inviting members to join the organization and to dedicate to giving the equivalent of 1 percent of their gross annual sales to an approved nonprofit partner and environmental organizations.

They make becoming an active planet member easy as they pair your company with an environmental cause you care about. You also donate directly to the non-profit partners without any intermediary input as it helps forge awesome and meaningful relationships with the cause.