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We Protect Oceans from Plastic Waste

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As a female owned brand born in California, you can imagine just how much we adore salt tang sunshine and watching the surf roll in.

The ocean is incredibly important to us and brings us a daily dose of inspiration - reminding us to stand strong, ride the waves, and move through the cycles of life.

We wanted to give back to the ocean in the best way we knew how - to recover as much ocean-bound plastic as possible in the places where it would make the biggest impact. Because of this commitment, we have decided to mindfully partner with Cleanhub, so together we can keep our oceans safe and shimmering for all to enjoy.

What is Cleanhub?

Cleanhub is an awesome partner to have. For every product we sell, they commit to collecting .25 pounds of plastic before it can reach our oceans and wreak havoc on the environment.

Cleanhub are plastic experts, they have brushed up on every stage of the life cycle of a piece of plastic, all so they can utilize the very best methods for recovery and treatment.

Cleanhub are innovators, they work in collaboration with businesses, individuals, and governments so that everyone can come together to share skills and make a positive change.  

Cleanhub isn’t about pointing fingers but instead focuses its energy on finding proactive solutions. Plastic plays a huge role in our daily life across the world and until we have globally managed to make the switch to an eco-friendly alternative, it will continue to be a part of our world.

At the moment just 9 percent of plastic is recycled...

...which leaves a lot of waste.

Not all countries have access to good waste management systems and as a result, a lot of this plastic waste can end up in the oceans. So when someone throw plastic into a landfill (or to the side of the road), wind, flood, and rain all move plastic along until (inevitably) it makes its way into our water.

That's where Cleanhub comes in.