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5 Women Who Are Bossing It in 2021


We can’t help but celebrate entering a new decade especially when we think about all the amazing women that are continuing to pave the way for equality. With more women in STEM, politics, and leading their own revolutions, it's exciting to imagine the many ways that we can get involved in politics and make a meaningful change. We are getting excited about all the amazing ladies who are shaking up society, carving new paths and inspiring new generations certainly makes us giddy at heart. Take a look at these five women who are bossing it brilliantly in 2020…


Sanna Marin – Finland’s Prime Minister


The new prime minister of Finland has been making headlines around the world. At the age of 34 years old, Sanna is the youngest head of government in the world and her top team are all female party chiefs with three of them being under the age of 35. Coming from a modest background in a time of worldly political upheaval, we are super excited to see how Marin’s team steers the ship.


Dr Tererai Trent – Education and Empowerment


Oprah Winfrey’s all-time favorite guest is certainly bringing boss status to a whole new level. Celebrating international recognition as being an inspiring educator for girls in Zimbabwe, Dr Tererai Trent has a truly fascinating story that sees her as a fully self-taught individual from a rural village in Zimbabwe who made her dream of earning a master’s degree come true. But she hasn’t stopped there, Dr Tererai Trent is on a mission to make access to education a reality across the world. She has already built a school in her childhood village and keeps on collecting those awards and accolades. She was recently cast in bronze as part of The Statues for Equality project in NYC.


Greta Thunberg – Environmental Activist


Proof that even the smallest person can make a great change, Greta Thunberg has become the face for climate change action. Last year was a major year for Greta as she released her book, gave plenty of impassioned speeches and encouraged a global movement. This year shows no signs of slowing down as she is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


Kristine Davis - Women in Space


One of the leading ladies designing the first spacesuit to be worn by a woman, Kristine Davis is empowering a generation of girls who have their sights set on NASA. Her motto of ‘If not you – who?’ reminds us all of the possibility of letting go of self-limiting beliefs and standing up to do what lights a fire in our soul. This comes after NASA had to cancel the first woman spacewalk as the suits simply didn’t fit. Enter Kristine to make a great leap for womankind possible.


Yalitza Aparicio – Actor and Activist


After her breakout role in the award-winning Roma, Yalitza Aparicio is doing a ton of great activist work lending visibility to indigenous women. Yalitza was the first indigenous woman to be nominated for an Oscar and since then the 26-year old Mexican woman is dedicating this year to working as a UNESCO goodwill ambassador for indigenous people. Yalitza identifies herself as a feminist and is actively using her platform to help bring awareness to domestic and international issues that indigenous people face.

Which women are inspiring you this year? Share in the comments


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