Female Role Models of the Minute


Female role models can help to supercharge our world and we love celebrating women who are helping to make a difference. Whether in business, politics, or the arts – women are trailblazing in a million wonderful ways. It’s 2019 and we are so happy to have a multitude of amazing women to pick from; here are the ladies we are loving at the minute…


Ruth Bader Ginsburg

We love the notorious RBG, the second woman to ever be appointed on the US Supreme Court Justice. Not only has RBG carved out an incredible career for herself in what is heavily considered ‘a man’s world’, but she also uses her voice tirelessly fighting for equal rights across the board. Having come up from the lower-income area of Brooklyn, RBG was one of a handful of women in her Harvard law class and she headed the ACLU Women’s Rights Project, alongside helping legalize same-sex marriage and ensuring women can’t be denied by the military. Go RBG!


Greta Thunberg


Standing tall at barely 5ft and just 16 years old, Greta Thunberg is a shining beacon of light for young girls and women everywhere. An activist for climate change, the Swedish teenager was recently nominated for the Nobel Prize for Peace. Greta’s penchant for powerful speeches, her inspiring Ted Talks, and her simple sincerity for wanting a better world has been a rallying cry to all that it doesn’t take wealth, weight or status to use your voice. As someone diagnosed with Asperger’s she is also paving the way for people to think differently about differences.


Janet Mock

Janet Mock is making waves in all kinds of ways – all of which are sending positive ripples out into the world and helping bring about a better commitment to diversity. One of the first trans women of colour to be hired as a writer for TV, Mock produces films and shows that represent trans women helping to raise awareness and understanding and ultimately reduce stigma. She also launched the #GirlsLikeUs movement, and her memoir ‘Redefining Realness’ is a NY Times bestseller.


Misty Copeland


We are still loving Misty Copeland, one of the most beautifully talented ballet dancers in the world. Misty Copeland has long been a fierce advocate of dance for women of colour across the world and is the first African American woman to become the principal dancer in the American Ballet Company in 75 years. Misty Copeland is opening doors for women across the world not just for her talent but also for what she represents in terms of body type, breaking boundaries, and pushing back against stereotypes.


Dr Mirjana Povic

One of the world’s finest astrophysicists, Dr Mirjana Povic is one of the best female role models for women in STEM. Along with doing groundbreaking work across the universe, Povic is also having a major impact on planet earth. Working for the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute, she recently won an award for her work with STEM and high-school girls in Ethiopia. In an industry where women are underrepresented, we truly admire Dr Mirjana Povic for using her knowledge and passion to make a difference in both the present and the future.

 Which woman make you feel like you can move mountains? Share in the comments.



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