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Turn Up the Volume: The Best Podcasts for Women Out Now


Whether driving, cooking up a storm, soaking in the bath, or just wanting to share headspace with other women, podcasts can be an amazing way to collect perspectives and be privy to changing the way you think about the world, pop culture, and what it means to go from being a girl to a woman.

Podcasts for women are perfect for your Apple playlist and whether you are looking for love advice, wanting to get ahead in business, or keen to explore pop culture or brush up on the latest movements in tech, these perfectly picked podcasts can certainly keep you company.


Dating and Relationship Podcasts

Michelle Obama Podcast


A host who needs little introduction, Michelle Obama is one of the most famous women in modern history. The former first lady shares intimate conversations across a range of topics with her guests, chatting everything from women's health to mentorship, relationships, family dynamics and so much more. There's so much to like and hold onto in these incredible female-powered interviews. Get ready to stock up on valuable insights and reflections with each incredible episode.


Dear Sugars


Everyone's favorite inspiring author Cheryl Strayed gets to work with co-host Steve Almond in answering all those grand and small life questions from listeners. Covering every topic from love to loss and never shying away from cracking open their hearts to share their own experience. This podcast is oozing with radical empathy, beautiful advice, and gives you everything you need to pick yourself up with love and find ways to occupy a true and authentic place in your own heart.


Money and Business Podcasts

So Money Podcast


Offering up a thousand episodes this podcast hosted by Farnoosh Torabi is a candid collection of amazing conversations around money and the toughest questions linked to finance. A must listen for those craving real talk when it comes to interviews with big business leaders. There is so much invaluable advice in each and every episode.


Afford Anything


For all those women who want to build a better life, this podcast from Paula Pant is here to get you on the right track to inspiring success. Listen to how Paula cut clear of the standard 9-5 and found new and rewarding ways to sculpt her own financial landscape. From fresh thoughts and philosophies on all those money topics from budgeting to investing, we love this modern alt take on what it means to live a good life.

Straighten your Crown


Andrea Minkow and Amy Jin come together to chat about how women can get a hold on their finances. With tons of advice geared towards everything from how to kickstart your business, get paid, and scale up - this is one of the best podcasts out there for women who want to think big and bold (yet stay grounded) when it comes to all things entrepreneurial.

Comedy Podcasts

The Guilty Feminist


From founder Deborah Frances White and guests, The Guilty Feminist is precisely the kind of podcast you want to share with all your best friends. A fantastic show that covers a wide range of women centric topics with discussions around everything from intention to hope and fear and the finer details in between. This podcast doesn't shy away from all the ways we thrive and fail as 21st-century feminists on a day to day basis.

Political and Important Issues Podcasts

Stuff Mom Never Told You


Covering an endless range of topics all closely related to the highs and lows, politics and social constructs of what it is to identify as female - hosts Anney and Samantha use a blend of history, facts, conversation, and interviews with guests to deep dive into whatever choice topic is on the cards. From witchy women to representation, book clubs, menstruation, the election, and performance guilt, get the lowdown from a wide range of incredible women.

Terrible Thanks for Asking


Nora McInerny turns the tide and shows us that we don't have to shy away from conversations that cover terrible things that may have happened. Part of being human is having complex, emotional, and uncomfortable things happen to us that we may not always want to talk about. By unflinchingly gazing into the heart of these topics with a pinch of perfectly curated humor, this podcast is soul food.




The original creators of Stuff Mom Never Told You kickstarted a new podcast called Unladylike. With a tagline geared around the idea that we should Stay Curious, Build Empathy, and Raise Hell - we are here for it. The dynamic duo comes together to interview women on a range of topics on everything from How to Sext to candid chats about poop, breaking down stereotypes and all the rules by kicking out the rule book.

Pop Culture Podcasts

Call Your Girlfriend


We love best friends podcasts and Call Your Girlfriend is here to tick a thousand boxes. Listening to the convos between Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman is a time honored tradition of our week. We love the way these two converse over everything from celebrity to humanity and never shy away from their own stories and anecdotes that make us feel like we are in the room. Check it out.


The High Low Podcast


Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes are your two hosts on this fresh-faced podcast that covers all things pop culture with wit and tight style. Forever earning its accolades as one of the best podcasts hosted by women, every week this show breezes through world news focusing in on a blend of the trivial and the political. Be sure to tune in.

Storytelling Podcasts

On Being

Krista Tippet shares story orientated interviews and discussions all centered around what it means to be human. Unraveling a new angle each week that captures the immensity of our lives, On Being on one of the best podcasts for women who want to digest wisdom for living, reflections on life, the world, and everything in between, and who crave a heart centric approach to existing in a complicated time.




If you don't listen to any other true crime podcast then make sure that the first season of Serial at least makes your list. Plunging the listener into a story of the disappearance of Hae Min Lee and the investigation that put her boyfriend behind bars, Sarah Koenig is a great host and intrigues the listeners with her way of guiding you through the tangled threads, the confusion, and presenting what we know and what we don't know in an even yet riveting manner.

Science and Tech Podcasts

Science Vs


A world in which history tells us women were sidelined, Science Vs is a truly relevant and helpful podcast that gives us the lowdown on fact vs fiction, myth vs reality, and sifts through all those misconceptions that can lead us into murky waters. Host Wendy Zuckerman is truly providing a service in her podcast from Gimlet Media Inc.


Science for the People


Every week Science for the People puts out a new podcast episode with hosts Rachelle Saunders, Bethany Brookshire, Anika Hazra, and Marion Kilgour. From episodes that cover matters of the heart and health to all you needed to know about penises, leaky guts, and poker-faced psychology, Science for the People reminds us that science is one of our most important applications in this world.


Which podcasts for women are you loving? Are you a binge listener of true crime or do you prefer listening to stories of the heart? Share your favorite episodes and shows with us and let's build an epic list of woman centric podcasts to love and like.



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