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The Best Board Games for Those Winter Nights In


With thick fog outside and a chill in the air, forget going out. There’s nothing better than spending the eve curled up with family and friends and working your way through a tower of brilliant board games. Whether it’s an age-old Christmas tradition to gather around Scrabble or a new-found way of turning off the television, here are the very best board games to keep you engaged and entertained until spring…



The classic mystery game that constantly questions whether Colonel Mustard did it in the library, Clue is always a good choice for those would-be detectives. Clue is a game that has been around forever and a day, meaning that adults will adore the reminisce factor and kids will just adore it for the challenge of unraveling a mystery. Suitable for ages eight years old and up, Clue is a great family gig.


Settlers of Catan


If you ever had dreams of breaking away from the world and forming your own society, the Settlers of Catan should be treated like your bible. Up to four players compete against each other to build, trade and settle their way to success. It’s long, it can be heated, it takes a hell of a strategy, and ultimately it’s a highly rewarding experience for adults with the attention span.


Drawing Without Dignity

Forget the tame sketches of pretty Pictionary and instead opt for raucous belly laughs as you guffaw over Drawing Without Dignity. This hilariously uncensored party game will have you drawing downright deplorable visions while your team frantically try to guess exactly what that rather uncouth slapdash line means. Not for the faint of heart but excellent with the non-easily offended and tons of booze.


Risk: Game of Thrones


If the finale left you screaming at the TV in frustration, then perhaps its time to rewrite the ending and wave your own banner above the Iron Throne for yourself. The traditional and time-honored war game of risk gets a modern makeover with the Game of Thrones version, and somehow it satisfies in making the stakes feel even higher. Whether you are Team Lannister, Stark or Targaryen, winter is here and its time to claim the throne.



If you loved Lynch’s film or Herbert’s novels, you will fall head over heels for the boardgame of Dune. Famously complex but utterly compelling, you play as one of the six factions trying to gain control of the precious planet of Dune. Forging alliances, breaking promises, and using your special powers to get ahead are all actively encouraged. Brimming with intrigue and mystery that goes truly deeper than any other board game, Dune is for the serious player.


Exploding Kittens


Cards, kittens, belly rubs and laser beams – it may sound like a bonkers plot, but Exploding Kittens is one of those short sharp card games you are sure to love. Compared to being a similar game to UNO, only with enchiladas and goats, the surreal world of Exploding Kittens is truly unique, independently funded, and a whole lot of bizarre fun.

Old or new – which board games are you going to be playing this winter? Share your faves in the comments and let’s get our next game night going.


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