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All the Adult Card Games You Need For That Big Night In


Whether seeking some stay-at-home fun for the holidays or just looking for new ideas to get the party going with friends, games for adults have come a long way since those endless hours of poring over the Scrabble board. Don't get us wrong, we love a little wordplay, but if you are looking for party games that turn up the volume and are a real joking hazard, then these ideas are sure to have you in stitches.

From adult card games to board games with friends, these are our favorite games for more than one player to get your game night (whether in person or on Zoom) off to the best start...


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Games Under $9

Games Under $15

Games $15 And Up

Most Popular Card Games



Best Adult Games By Price


Whether with a group of friends or just one person, there is always a game to play. Especially if you have a competitive streak.

Thankfully, 2020 has brought us a whole lot more than just chaos. Adult card games are no longer limited to a naughty version of Never Have I Ever. Not to say that's not a good way to get to know new friends...

...but these adult card games will make Never Have I Ever look like child's play.

Search for one of these fun games during your next Amazon shopping spree and liven up boring nights for the rest of this never-ending lockdown.



Up to $9

Want to get gaming while watching your budget? We have rounded up some easy card games and hilarious top picks to give you more bang for your buck without breaking into a ten-dollar note...

  • Sushi Go
  • Relative Insanity
  • Taboo



$9 - $15

Looking for games that bring a little more to the table while still giving you change from a twenty? We have explored Amazon and beyond to find a handful of ha-ha ready raucous games that help you get to know your party guests...

  • Blockus
  • Drunk Confidence
  • Werewolf
  • Hedbanz Adulting



Over $15

Having an all and out shindig of a games night and wanting to push the boat out? We have searched the world globe to get these great game ideas that are sure to make you an icon at your next family and friends game night...

  • Exploding Kittens
  • Catan
  • Drawing without Dignity
  • Resistance Avalon
  • For the Girls
  • Monikers
  • Bob Ross: Art of Chill
  • Spontuneous
  • Do or Drink
  • Nasty Things
  • Unstable Unicorn



Most Popular Adult Games

If you're willing to splurge a few extra bucks for high-quality entertainment, then these are the games you want to pull out at your next game night. All of our friends love them, the whole internet loves them, and yours truly has had a few naughty laughs playing these most love games.

What Do You Meme?


How it works: Basically it's like Cards Against Humanity but with Memes. Yep, in a world that LOVES meme culture, it was only a matter of time before they made a classic card game out of it. The aim is to pair up the funny captions to the most hilarious photo cards you can find. There's a rotating judge to pick which caption cards and image match is the funniest ensuring that everyone gets a turn. This game is great for adult game night and is a pure celebration of all the fun of fabulous pop culture. Just like Cards Against Humanity, this adult party game also gives you the chance to add even more cards with an expansion pack.

# of players: 2-6

Price: $30 


Drunk Stoned or Stupid


How it works: This party game is great for a group of friends who all know each other. Easy to learn, players have turns pulling one card from the pack and reading it aloud. Each person in the group then says who they think should be tagged with the card drawing on their past experience with the person or just on personality traits. It's a fun group game that celebrates friendship and roots out all those crazy decisions your friends ever made. There's a bitter edge, a sharp sense of style, and some hilarious prompts to keep everyone rolling around.

# of players: 4-12

Price: $23


That's What She Said Game


How it works: The adult card game of endless innuendo, That's What She Said is also like Cards Against Humanity and What do you Meme in the way that it invites groups to match up set up phrase cards with the funniest answer pack card you can find. This game is a great ice breaker to play with new friends as these playing cards instantly remove all sense of reserve in everyone's effort to create the funniest answer. Watch all those stiff upper lips start to wobble as these cards will get everyone jockeying for position as the most debauched and rudest mind in the room.

# of players: 4+

Price: $25


Cards Against Humanity


How it works: In dark times it may be essential to discover your darker sense of humor and Cards Against Humanity is the card game that certainly isn't for the faint of heart. A great party piece, this adult card game can be compared to Apples to Apples. Using phrases and questions with blanks, the aim is to pair answer and question cards in the most provocative and outrageous way possible. Nicknamed the party game for horrible people, you are probably best playing this with a group of close friends. Cards Against Humanity never gets old as you can keep adding to the joke with expansion packs.

# of players: 4+

Price: $25




How it works: Aussies are the best when it comes to an adult board game that tasks the classic game of cards and makes you smarter and sharper all while screaming swear words at your friends. This game ticks all the boxes - not only is it hilarious but it also has something of a therapeutic effect (like we said, screaming profanities is actively encouraged). It works by players taking turns to flip over a caption card and shout out exactly what you see. You keep taking it in turns until someone messes up and are forced to pick up all the cards in the discard pile. The aim is to be the first to get rid of all your remaining cards. While the premise sounds simple enough, this popular game knows how to mess with your brain and cause endless hilarity for all involved.

# of players: 2-8

Price: $23


Bad People


How it works: Hailed as the party game you probably shouldn't play; Bad People is all about finding out what your friends really think of you. A great game for the thick-skinned, this is one of those fun card games that calls on players to nominate their friends when answering questions like 'least likely to be a target for identity theft' or 'who gets paid too much for what they do'. While it may sound like a tight walk rope over a whole ditch of nasty things, it’s a great party card game for some tongue in cheek fun. Of course, for all those sensitive souls out there you may want to sit this one out or invite your friends to get you drunk before you play.

# of players: 3-10

Price: $20


Shit Happens


How it works: If this year has taught us anything it's that yes indeed, shit does happen. If you want a playful reminder of that fact, then this card game for your friend group is sure to be a hit on games night. Each card sports a situation that could either be determined unfortunate all the way up to the worst thing ever. Players take turns to guess where the card/situation ranks on the misery chart and if guess right - you keep the card. The aim of the game is to be the first to collect ten cards.

# of players: 2-6

Price: $25


Are you more for a guessing game or a trick-taking game? Is exploding kittens or unstable unicorns your thing or do you prefer the old goldies like Pictionary and Never Have I Ever? Tell us which your favorite game is to play and let's bring out the inner kid in everyone, because we all deserve a fun game to get us in the swing of things this season. Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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