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Seasonal TV Specials That Make Us Cry


Whether you are curling up with your family, your dog or serenely flying solo this season, we have all the TV to make you weep, laugh, and fall in love with the magic of Christmas all over again. Grab your blanket, layout the junk food, and prepare for a binge-watch with these seasonal TV specials…


A Charlie Brown Christmas


Charlie Brown’s Christmas special never fails to reduce us to a blubbering mess, so many iconic moments. From the dying Christmas tree to the jazz score, and of course, the underlined message that true Christmas spirit is all people you love and not countable possessions. Sad sack Charlie is our hero. While there is a hint or more of a religious theme, the message is one of simplicity over style. This is also reflected in the glitchy animation, owing to the fact that the filmmakers were on a tighter than tight budget.


Gilmore Girls; Forgiveness and Stuff


Lorelei Gilmore is our knight in shining armour. The scene where she dumps salad dressing straight into the bag and calls it cooking is its own mood. For those who struggle with family, dynamics come Christmas this episode is certainly a seasonal sucker punch. However, when Lorelei’s dad collapses and the whole family have to take their bickering and biting to the hospital it’s a great example showcasing the complexity of love and duty and above all family – which after all, is the very motto behind this time of year.


The Snowman


Everyone’s favourite weep worthy fave, based on the popular children’s book, The Snowman has been around for years. This animated special is all glorious classical music, beautiful animation, and follows the story of a young boy and his snowman who comes to life on Christmas eve. Of course, we all know how it ends come morning, but that doesn’t stop us from shedding a tear at the heart-breaking beauty of it all.


A Very Christmassy Ted


While Father Ted is better known for bringing tears of laughter to your eyes, this is the perfect holiday pick me up you need. The out there Irish comedy show is a cult classic, and no episode garners more traction than the Christmas episode. Based around a couple of banished priests living on Craggy Island, the Christmas special sees priests get lost in the lingerie department, the housekeepers hilarious reaction to being brought a tea maker, and Dougal’s disappointment at opening his advent calendar to discover “Ah its just 3 lads pointing at a star, what’s that have to do with Christmas?”.


Friends; The One With the Holiday Armadillo


Another Christmas giggle-fest for those who prefer not to pull out the tissues this season. This classic episode of Friends is Ross at his most ridiculous as he tries to teach his son about the joy of Chanukah by dressing up like…an armadillo, AKA Santa’s pal from Texas. Cue Chandler turning up as the actual Santa Claus and Joey turning up as Superman and you have the makings of some Christmas hilarity.

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