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TV Series That Are Keeping Us Glued to the Sofa Right Now


From Game of Thrones to Chernobyl, television has gone from culturally passé to a born-again global phenomenon. TV has come a long way since the days of tired gameshows, reality drama, and sitcom repeats. Although don’t get us wrong, we love to be reminded that Ross and Rachel were on a break (they weren’t). But these days it seems that TV producers have upped the ante, curating extremely well-crafted and complex series that keep us bingeing from dusk until dawn. We invite you to crack the wine, pop the corn and curl up on the sofa with these of the moment shows that are keeping us tethered to the TV screens.


Big Little Lies Season 2


Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, and now Meryl Streep. A TV show that takes all your fave Hollywood greats is bound to be nothing short of breathtaking. Big Little Lies scooped every single Emmy for its first season and with the second season gracing our screens we are more than excited for this. A carefully crafted look at the complex lives of women who seem to have it all, Big Little Lies deals beautifully with the darker elements of motherhood, family, trauma, and friendship.


The Handmaids Tale Season 3


Back for its third season, The Handmaids Tale isn’t exactly light popcorn watching but its essential viewing for anyone who feels uncomfortable around modern-day politics and women’s rights. Originally based on Margaret Atwood’s novel of the same name, The Handmaid’s Tale paints a terrifying picture of what America would look like under a totalitarian regime. Multi-Emmy winning, an amazing cast, and knife-edge drama – this is taut viewing at its best.


Stranger Things Season 3


Also back for its third season is everyone’s favourite eighties sci-fi horror – Stranger Things. Infamous for bringing Winona Ryder back to our screens, Stranger Things is equal measures nightmare, nostalgia, gorefest, and celebratory friendship fun. Season three serves up plenty of laugh out loud moments, plenty of cringe cover your eyes scenes, and showcases the exceptional acting talents of a young fresh cast.




After binge-watching Chernobyl you will be scratching your head and wondering how the hell you didn’t know all this before. While the name and terrible catastrophe isn’t exactly new news to us, this unflinching drama grants a closer look at what actually went on with that 1986 nuclear disaster. Again, not light watching but raw and terrifying with notes of political satire and impeccable performances. Everyone has been calling this one of the most incredible things on television.


Fleabag Season 2


We would say Fleabag is your light relief if emotional sledgehammers are considered light. Phoebe Waller-Bridge already blew us away with her genius first season but the second is even more startling. Season 2 sees our unlikely heroine strike up a relationship with a priest, continue to struggle with family, and stumble through the world with irreverence, pain, and humour.


Killing Eve Season 2


Waller-Bridge is also behind the truly unique TV show Killing Eve, so you know this is going to be well worth every second. The first season swept us off our feet taking a playful approach and subverting everything we thought we knew about crime drama infused with comedy. Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh return for a second season, which balances laugh out loud moments with tightly wound tension and all the fun that is our lead character - Villanelle.

Any shows we have missed? Share your favourite binges in the comments below.

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