The Fictional Places We Wish We Could Visit

Our bucket list of places to visit may already be a mile long but we can’t help adding a few more fantasy spots to the map. From dreaming of dressing up for fictional parties to packing our elvish bread for the journey home to The Shire, these are the places we would love to wave a magic wand and make come to life.


Stars Hollow


Who doesn’t want to live in America’s happiest little nook? The hometown of the Gilmore Girls seems to make us forget our dreams to live in the bright lights of the big city and instead want to jack it all in and move to a wholesome community. From endless cheeseburgers at Luke’s Diner to ballet lessons at Ms Patty’s, a romantic first kiss under the gorgeous gazebo, and the fact that everyone lives in flora strewn dream homes. Where do we sign up?




As long as we don’t need to battle he who shall not be named, we are forever awaiting our letters for Hogwarts. Endless feasts in the Great Hall, Dumbledore, epic train rides, magical beasts, and weekend trips to down Butterbeer and Honeyduke’s in Hogsmeade. If you want us we will be waiting eagerly by the mailbox.


The Shire


Middle Earth has plenty of spots we’d love to call home, but The Shire has to be top of the list. Famed for its pantries stuffed full of food (cold chicken, pork pies, seed cake, cheese, pickles, and raspberry jam), they are also famed for adding a few more meals into their daily schedule. When the hobbits aren’t feasting they seem to be drunkenly dancing on tables, downing hand-crafted ales, and smoking pipeweed.


The Gatsby Mansion


While we wouldn’t want to live the languid lives of the rich and heartbroken, we wouldn’t turn our noses up at a party invite to Jay Gatsby’s mansion. While the mega blowout parties may serve as a metaphor for the scramble for wealth and the gaudy culture this can breed, we love any excuse to dress in our best roaring twenties flapper dresses, ride classic cars across sculpted lawns, and lavish in champagne-soaked nights splashed with gossip and gold.




While some may hole up with Cersei Lannister in the Red Keep and others may head north to Winterfell, we would certainly be heading for Highgarden. Out of all the seven kingdoms, Highgarden seems to have it all. The Game of Thrones location is described as being the heart of chivalry, with rolling fields of golden roses, singers and fiddlers at every turn, glorious wine, and all the money you could need. Not to mention it’s the home of the Queen of Thorns herself – all hail Olenna Tyrell.




Yeah, you may have to battle with maple syrup mysteries, weird tree monsters, and drug smugglers bringing jingle-jangle into the neighbourhood, but Riverdale has a lot going for it. Those kids from the Archie Comics never seem to be in school, Pops clearly does the best chocolate shakes known to man, Archie himself always has his abs on display, and there’s an underground speakeasy ran by teenagers. Life is never monotonous in Riverdale.

 Which fictional places are calling your name? Share with us in the comments.

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