The Best True Crime Binges Out Now



True crime has been blowing up our TV’s and Podcast apps for the past few years. It seems we cannot get enough of the question of whodunnit. What’s even more interesting is the fact that true crime has been such a big hit with women. There are tons of studies trying to figure out why women are so drawn to true crime, with professionals citing everything from facing fears (women are more likely to be victims of crime), to nurturing compassion, a fascination with motive, and because we love a good puzzle to solve. Whatever the reason, we cannot get enough. If you are riding the true crime wave here are the best visual binges out now…


The Staircase



The age-old story – did she fall or was she pushed? Michael Peterson claimed his wife took a fatal tumble down the stairs, but the police and the legal system weren’t so sure. This tall twisted and at times blurred lines tale will have you questioning everything. Peterson is put under the spotlight from the law, friends and even family. Wrongly accused or a rightful hunch? You will be spellbound from start to finish.





A highly difficult watch, this Netflix miniseries is based on a true story of a teen who reported her rape and was pressured by the mishandling of the local police to stay she made it up. Weeks later similar assaults take place someplace else, capturing the attention of two female detectives from different towns who come together to track the perp down. It’s a tough ride, it will make you mad, but ultimately it is a highly important show that reminds us how important it is to address the way we deal with victims of sexual assault.


Don’t F- With Cats



An online community plays cat and mouse with a cat killer posting videos on the internet. The internet is equal measures wonderful and terrifying as this bizarre documentary proves. Don’t F-With Cats proves the fact behind our fascination with true crime and problem-solving. A risky manhunt, everyday people, a psychopathic stranger, and the dark underbelly of the internet – this is a mind-bending binge.


Amanda Knox



It’s not hard to forget the tale of Amanda Knox. An all-American girl who was said to have murdered her roommate in Italy made shocking headlines around the world. Amanda was villainized, hated internationally, called a sex monster and sentenced to years in prison before being cleared of the murder in 2015. This chilling documentary is a keen reminder that being in the wrong place at the wrong time can have dire life-changing consequences and that it could happen to anyone.


The Act


The story of Dee Dee Blanchard and her daughter Gypsy Rose left the nation wide-eyed. You can watch the fictionalized account or opt for Mommy Dead and Dearest which covers the facts behind the same story. This mindboggling tale deals with what appears to be a heroic single mother and her chronically sick daughter. Years later and Dee Dee ends up dead and it turns out that Gypsy Rose wasn’t sick at all. This hard to watch but utterly fascinating show documents what happens when worlds are torn apart by Munchausen by proxy.

Which True Crime have you been binging lately? Share your faves and let’s get solving together.

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