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The Best Documentaries on Netflix Right Now


With plenty of TV binging time on the calendar, Netflix has got you covered. Whether you adore picking through the scattered pieces of true crime weirdness or if you love uplifting sports dramas and biopic epics documentaries help us to step outside our shoes and share the stories of life that can be stranger than fiction. To keep you entertained and sane over the next few weeks here are our top picks of documentaries worth watching on Netflix right now…


The Tiger King


The show that broke the internet with endless meme’s, The Tiger King is the true-crime series that helped everyone adapt to the first few weeks of lockdown. The series is an exploration of big cat breeding in the USA and showcases a highly bizarre underworld brimming with baffling behaviors and choice cut characters. For those who want to find a new meaning for the term crazy cat people, you have it right here.




Who knew that Cheerleading was so much more than pomp and pompoms. For those who have long been fascinated with America's favorite college sport, Cheer takes everything you thought you knew and showcases the grit, pain, determination, and fully-fledged commitment that goes into the sport. Following a select squad of competitive cheerleaders as they fight their way to the Daytona Championships, Cheer is the perfect docuseries blending competitive edge, feel-good fun, and the sheer commitment of teenagers all rolled into one.


Jiro Dreams of Sushi


Find your passion, turn it into your work, and dedicate your life to perfecting it. That is one of the uplifting messages behind the hit documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Following revered sushi chef Jiro Ono, this beautiful film is a study in the art of perfection and what happens when Jiro’s son struggles to keep up with his fathers legacy. It's affectionate, it’s a homage to the honor of the artisan, and it is definitely going to make you want sushi.




An Oscar-winning film that focuses on performance-enhancing drugs in the athletic industry. Bryan Fogel accidentally stumbled upon the Sochi Olympic scandal while making this film and those tingling thriller vibes shine through. Beyond the simple question of uncovering the truth behind drug use in the industry, the documentary blooms into unravelling the whole complicated political landscape waiting in the wings of the sporting world.




Live vicariously through the weekend that defined a whole generation as you grab yourself a beer, turn up the volume and delve into the legendary performances that made the three-day weekend of peace, love and music. Jimi Hendrix, Sly and the Family Stone, Janis Joplin, Cream, and Santana lend some mind-bogglingly good performances, but beyond the music – the filmscapes, the dancing, and the whole set up makes for a dam fine feel-good time.


Miss Americana


If you are seeking something a little more modern when it comes to music, the Taylor Swift documentary is getting plenty of positive feedback. Far from a star-spangled look at what it means to be a pop sensation, it’s a raw and emotional under the covers look at the story of fame behind Taylor Swift. It's been celebrated as being self-critical, self-aware, and highly mature when it comes to presenting the young star and following her growth into fame.

Which documentaries have been making your must watch list? Let’s share in the comments and get our binge on.

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