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Date Night Ideas for Spending Time With Yourself



Whether single or snagged in a perfect partnership, planning date nights for yourself come with a bounty of benefits. Taking time out to become a little more comfortable in our own company is hugely important; it helps us to connect with our inner self, learn not to rely on other people for fun all the time, reduces co-dependency, and is a huge boost for confidence and self-esteem. While it's easy to run a bath and binge some flicks, there is more to the self-dating scene than PJ’s and popcorn. We hash out a few inspirational ideas for taking yourself out for a good time…


Movie Night


Going out to watch a movie is so much more of an occasion than sticking to streaming services. While the idea of a solo cinema trip may make you baulk, it’s a great gateway into becoming comfortable doing things alone. The room is dark, you don’t normally talk during a film anyway, and you get to watch whatever you want without sharing your snacks.


Photo Shoot


Really want to up your confidence game, how about booking a professional photoshoot. Sure, it may leave you a little out of pocket but the pure fun and pleasure of heading to a studio, playing dress up for a couple of hours and getting some good shots are all bound to leave you feeling a billion dollars.


Cooking Class


We know that it takes a great gulp of breath and plenty of practice to feel comfortable sitting in a restaurant alone, so if you don’t quite feel ready for solo dining why not book an evening cookery class instead? Not only will you get to brush up on some amazing new recipe skills but you will get the pleasure of meeting new people and enjoying your culinary creations all in one flavour and fun-filled event.


Book Shop Browsing



If you are looking for a solo date night on a budget then check out a late-night book shop in your area. It lends a more social element to curling up with a book at home. Browse the shelves, pull out a few titles, and linger over a sultry cup of coffee and a book of poetry. Most late-night bookshops have literary events on too so you could even catch a poetry reading or writers workshop if you are feeling extra creative.


Dance School


It may take two to tango but if you want to use your body and throw down some shapes there are tons of amazing dance classes out there. Spend a date night learning the basics of adult ballet or take a more contemporary approach with a street dance session. You get to soak up the sweat, dance with strangers and take up a potential hobby all at the same time.


Bike Rides


If the weather is fair outside there is no better way to enjoy it then peddling into the sunshine. An early evening bike ride is the perfect chance to gulp down some fresh air and gently rouse your body to life. Why not peddle to your nearest wine bar and hop off for a chilled glass of Provence style Rose to toast the last of the summer wine.


Comedy Night


Check out the local comedy listings and if you are feeling brave enough head down to a comedy night. There’s nothing more freeing than chortling in a room filled to the brim with strangers. As you will be flying solo you can shake off the shackles of worrying if your friend or partner is also finding it funny and simply get lost in the pure joy of laughter.

What are your favourite ways to spend time solo? Share ideas in the comments and let's build a full vista of glorious solo date night ideas.

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