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How to Stay at Home This NYE


Welcome to one of the most anticlimactic nights of the year! New Year's Eve always manages to end up the same, you struggle to commit to a plan, spend the evening paying through the nose, queue for endless hours to get a drink or use the bathroom, can’t get a cab home for love nor money and to top it all – it's freezing out.

OK, that may be a negative Nancy spin on the big event, but it is one of the main nights of the year that we put tons of undue pressure on ourselves to leave the house. In truth, wouldn’t many of us rather be cosied up at home with loved ones, pigging out on all the leftover Christmas feasts we can find, and binge-watching the best things on Netflix? Whether you want to party or hang out in your own pad, here are our tips on how to stay home this NYE…


Say Farewell to FOMO


The only way your stay home NYE is going to work is if you kick FOMO to the curb with immediate effect. Remember all your previous new years and make a list in your head of all the things you hated about going out. Drunk people, overpriced events, and generally just spending most your time waiting to come home. Voila, you cut out the middleman, you are home. Rejoice.


Make it Special


Just because you aren’t going out doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a special night. If you can cajole a few friends into also staying home, you can throw a thematic gathering that could include costumes and cocktails. Even if you are flying solo, you should still map out a way to make it special – candlelit bath? Movie marathon? All the vegan junk food you can eat?


Shake Great Cocktails


Feel smug that you aren’t shelling out for an overpriced cocktail in a fancy bar and instead become your own mixologist at home. A little spirit, a handful of fresh fruit and some club soda is all you really need to shake up a great cocktail. If you prefer something warm and comforting, how about a rich boozy hot chocolate with a glug of dark delirious rum.


Binge Watch Feel Good Things


New Year's Eve at home doesn’t need to be all about intellectual pursuits, use this opportunity to binge-watch all your guilty pleasures (especially if you are home alone). We are talking soppy silly romantic comedies, all of Gilmore Girls, and those ridiculously overdramatic slasher films (if that’s what makes you feel good).


Treat Yourself


All that money you would have blown on a New Years Eve out on the town, instead take a portion of that hard-earnt cash and treat yourself. Whether you decide to buy ‘the good wine’, or if you invest in some cosy new pyjamas to celebrate the stroke of midnight, or just to take yourself out to the movies on New Years Day, whatever you choose to do, if its financially feasible – treat yourself to a small reward for staying in.


Be Proactive on New Year’s Day


There’s an old saying that what you sew on New Years Day you reap for the rest of the year. This time, as you (hopefully), won’t be too bleary-eyed and sporting a hangover, why not do something proactive on New Years Day. Whether it's taking a long cold clear stroll in the park, writing the first page of a journal you hope to keep, or calling an old friend – this is your chance to set those intentions.

How will you be spending this NYE? Share in the comments.

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