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4 Podcasts for Female Empowered Adventures



Stepping out into the world is an act of bravery in itself. But sometimes we need more than a deep breath to embrace our greatest adventures. This is where female role models can help give you the nudge you need to make your own tracks.

Whether it's solo hiking, a quick camping weekend, or finally splurging on that around the world trip – hearing the voices and experiences of other women who have tackled their own adventures can be hugely empowering.

Podcasts can be a great way of finding that bright sharp burst of energy you need to drive you forward. There’s something about making space for women’s voices in our lives that delivers an audible connection and gives us courage. Whether behind the wheel, lounging in bed, or soaking in the tub; these 4 fabulous podcasts can offer a daily dose of inspiration and put you on the path to your own great adventure.


She Explores

Hosted by the glorious Gale Straub, She Explores is a podcast for and about women who are hugely inspired by life outdoors. Whether it's travelling the continent in a van, taking to the trail alone, or even just ducking into the woods for an afternoon; Gale shares the stories of women from hugely diverse backgrounds. What’s so compelling about these conversations is how these women open up about their fears and vulnerabilities, reminding us that bravery isn’t always something you are born with, and sometimes you find your courage along the way.


Dear Sugars

After the death of her mother and spiralling off the tracks, Cheryl Strayed hiked the Pacific Crest Trail without any prior experience and wrote a bestselling book about it. Her podcast Dear Sugars, co-hosted with Steve Almond may not be directly about stepping outdoors into adventures, but it covers a different kind of empowerment. The courage to step into your own truth. Reading heartfelt letters from listeners and giving back beautiful advice under the banner of radical empathy, Dear Sugars is chicken soup for the soul. Heal your wounds, hold your courage, and make finding your truth your own female empowered adventure.


Tough Girl Podcast

Great personal challenges can sometimes give you the grit and glory to overcome amazing adventures. This is exactly what the Tough Girl Podcast is all about. Hosted by Sarah Williams, the podcast interviews a wide range of female athletes and adventurers; from following the first woman attempting to walk across the entire earth to solo females cycling South America, and climbing the worlds most striking summits, hearing about these incredible feats from former everyday women truly lights a fire under your feet.


The Role Models Podcast

Empowered adventures aren’t all about packing a bag and hitting the road. Adventure’s can be taking the step to start your own business, writing a book, following a passion, or making a step in a totally different direction to the one you are on now. The Role Models Podcast is all about candid conversations with women who deliver a delirious dose of inspiration, whether that’s female activists fighting for change or head program executives for Netflix, the joy of this podcast lies in its unique collection of women from across the spectrum. From authors to artists, CEO’s to small business holders, the aim remains the same – hear stories, ask questions, and pass on wisdom and advice about the life and career lessons learnt along the way.


We love podcasts; they are free, they can be listened to on the go, and these perfect picks remind us that there’s more than one way to have an adventure. We are addicted to inspiring women achieving incredible things; no matter how big and brave or how bold and small. Share your favorite inspiring female podcasts in the comments, can’t wait to hear them!


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