The Easiest Indoor Vine Plants to Get That Jungle Look At Home – Sozy


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The Easiest Indoor Vine Plants to Get That Jungle Look At Home

indoor vining plants

Whether clinging to your bookshelf or creeping around your kitchen window, indoor vine plants can instantly transform your space into a wild and wonderful playground. There are so many benefits to bringing more plants into your life...

...from the soothing color scheme of velvet greens to the mental health harmony of caring for each tendril and trail, or just the joyous feeling of being around nature – plants make for perfect housemates. 

Combined with low maintenance vibes and plenty of visual charm (whether adorning hanging baskets or standing proud at your window) indoor climbing vines can be one of the best green gifts to add to your interior design. 

And if you've already followed our guide on how to bring some floral inspiration into your home decor, then these climbing plants will bring those designs to life (literally).

 Ready to make your home cozy with those luscious jungle vibes you've seen all over #urbanjunglebloggers

Then let's get started.

How to Grow Climbing Houseplants

Like all house plants, indoor vines need a few of life’s basics in order to survive. A little light, a pot, good fertile soil, and just a little water can go a long way. Each variety of climbing plant is unique and many have their own specific needs to thrive but once you establish a simple care routine, you can up the jungle look and bring a natural breath of beauty to any space.

Indoor climbers can grow wild – with tendrils and trails leading to all kinds of directions. Some people adore the unruly nature of the vines but for those who want to establish a little order, you can train your vines to grow in a trellis or invest in a pair of pruning scissors to keep things neat and tidy.


Tips For Taking Care of Your Indoor Vines



One of the best reasons to select indoor climbers and vines is because they don’t require a glut of golden bright light in order to grow. Many indoor vine plants work well in low light or shade although they will also do well when placed in bright and sunny rooms.

 Pro Tip: Never change up the lighting suddenly, for example, from a dim room to direct sunlight. Always make changes to the plant's environment slowly so that it can adjust.