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An Indoor Herb Garden Anyone Can Start


How lovely would it be to add fresh herbs to your meal from your very own garden? Even if you think you have a brown thumb, you can have an indoor garden - we believe in you! Whether you’re in a studio apartment or a larger space, follow these simple steps to start your garden in a snap.

Step 1: Choose Your Space  - Don’t know where to begin? The best place to start for maximum sunlight is a windowsill. Most indoor herbs need at least 4 hours of sunlight per day. If the sill is a no-go for you, look to the walls. Keep it simple by starting your garden on a shelf that will get ample sunlight. If you have a sunny corner, try a wire tiered plant stand, hanging planter, or DIY one out of clay pots (terra cotta are best for herbs) and a rope. 


Have a window but no sill? Hang pots from a curtain rod with sturdy string or rope - they'll get plenty of sun and perk up your view too!

Step 2: Choose Your Containers - The options for containers are as limitless as your imagination. Get creative and use something you have lying around like a vintage set of drawers, an old utensil or pencil holder, etc. If your container doesn’t have a drainage hole, drill one in and place a little plate underneath or add some pebbles to the bottom for natural drainage.



Step 3: Choose Your Herbs - The best herbs are the easiest herbs, right? Choose ones that are fairly easy to care for - like these - that you know you love to use in recipes.

  • Chives - A flavorful topping to any meal, these babies grow right back up after being clipped like blades of grass!
  • Mint  - Super easy to grow, smells good in your space and adds a fresh taste to fruit bowls or a kick to beverages.
  • Cilantro - Mix into salsa, top your nachos and even add into smoothies!
  • Basil - This Italian gem adds a sweet hint to everything; top off a bowl of pasta or make a margarita pizza.
  • Rosemary - A delicious finish to savory meals, rosemary also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds and smells great.

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Step 4: Maintenance (and love) - These easy to care for herbs can be purchased at your local plant shop/nursery or even your grocery store. They need only be watered when the top of the soil is dry to the touch (except basil, which likes to be kept moist), about once or twice a week, depending on the humidity of your space. The best rule of thumb is to water less often but thoroughly - until water comes out your drainage holes.

Tip: While you may be tempted to clip and use your herbs right away - and often - the longer you can wait for more growth in between cuttings, the more robust the growth will be. Patience is a virtue, darlings. Even herbs can teach us that.


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