7 Must Have Wall Desks for Working at Home


Virginia Woolf once said that all women need a room to call ones own. With many of us shifting to remote earning right now, it may be tricky to carve out a complete room dedicated to study or business use, but we should at least aim to claim a patch of wall to create a corner dedicated to work.

Working from home comes with a zillion benefits, but it can also take some time to nurture all those new skills you will need to stay focused. The right home office space can help you amp up productivity and bounce off your own levels of energy.

On the flip side, it can also be challenging learning to switch off from those to-do lists and emails once you have carried them into your home.

 The solution?

Having a dedicated desktop or corner can help you mentally to separate your work life from your home life. And when you do that, working from home becomes way easier. No matter the size of your home or apartment, there is a way to carve out a small home office space for yourself this year. With the perfect cozy home set up, from wall mounted desks to the right amount of storage, working from home will leave you feeling energized and efficient.

Because, honestly, studying or getting stuff done from bed is never as fun as it sounds.

We've been working from home for years, so we know what makes a good workspace. We also know how much better it feels to sit down at your laptop when your desktop matches the decor of your living space. So we've rounded up the best looking and designed wall mounted desks for you to create the perfect for you to get ish done.


Types Of Wall Mounted Desks For Your WFH Space


The first thing you need when carving out your work-at-home corner is a decent desk. A dedicated table top to stash your laptop computer, your notes, and your morning cup of coffee.

Once upon a time, desks were quite bulky pieces of wood. These days, even in the most compact apartment, you can find a slice of wall or steal a corner and pick a desk that fits your space. From a folding wall desk to a floating wall desk, these pieces are designed to be cute and stylish all while ticking the space-saving box. Take a sneak peek at the different types of wall-mounted desks to suit your cozy décor.


Folding Wall Desk

The folding wall desk is a wonder for those teeny tiny apartments seeking space-saving solutions. They're especially perfect for those who don’t want to work a full-time desk into their décor and design plan. Exactly how it sounds, the folding wall desk can pull down during your office hours and then fold up neatly away when it's time to clock off.

Pick something pretty facing and the folding wall desk can also double as wall décor or a shelf. One of the best things about the folding wall desk is the ability to make it melt into the wall when your workday is done – an excellent advantage for those who struggle to turn off and relax when taking their work home.

  • Can fold away into the wall and save space when you finish for the day
  • Doubles as wall décor
  • Compact storage compartments for supplies

Floating Wall Desk

Stylish and practical, the floating wall desk is another sublime space-saving solution for your place. The floating wall desk is a great investment as when not in use, it can also be used as a shelf to store your books, laptop, or many other beautiful things. Often floating wall desks are tight and compact and along with taking up a tiny amount of space, they lend a minimal Zen-like design to your home.

  • Clean looking
  • Can double as a shelf
  • Often narrow


Compact Wall Desk

Compact wall desks are wonderful little space stowaways. This kind of desk is great for those who want to keep their work area set up on a continual basis. Unlike some of the other wall mounted desk models that need folding away, you can let your compact wall desk stay without taking up too much space.

  • Can keep as a dedicated space
  • Smaller than a regular desk


Leaning Wall Desk

If you need a little extra space for all your work things but still want everything in reach without taking up too much room, the small leaning wall desk is about to become your godsend. The beautiful open design grants more storage without taking up huge swathes of space. The leaning wall desk is here to unclutter your work zone so you can get task happy without the distraction of constantly shuffling stuff along the surface of your desk.

Another benefit of the leaning wall desk is that you can also use it to camouflage your workspace, especially if you live in a shared place or living zone where you want to keep it office vibe free. Keep the desk area dedicated to work and the extra shelves can easily be beautified with hanging plants, photos, and pretty personal items.

  • Added storage space for supplies and other items
  • Always on show
  • Can be used to camouflage workspace
  • Takes up more wall space


Our Favorite Wall Desks For Working From Home

Up To $150

Alimzhan Floating Desk


The drop leaf design makes the easy eyed Alimzhan Floating Desk a versatile choice for those who are dealing with small spaces. You can easily tuck your workspace away, keeping it to the side of the room and keeping your floorplan wide open. If the surface area is too small for you, you can prop up the attached leaf for some extra room.

What makes this simple desk so great is that it can also be swept away of your work gear and transformed into a tiny dining table or even a mini bar. There are few spaces that go from work to play in seconds but the Alimzhan ticks all the boxes for being a full wall desk, table, or a floating shelf.

Buy from Wayfair


FURVOKIA Industrial Rustic Wall Mounted Desk Table


Sometimes you just need something small, simple, and stylish and this is exactly what you get from the FURVOKIA Industrial Rustic Wall Mounted Desk Table. Made from real wood and with heavy cast iron brackets, this shelf is strong enough to hold your books up and wide enough to use it like the desktop you deserve. Top it with a few trusty vining house plants, and you've got a stylish piece on your hands. A cute grain and easy assembly mean that you can transform your space into a cozy coffeeshop corner in no time.

Buy from Amazon


Hayward Solid Floating Desk


Simple and elegant, the Hayward Solid Floating Desk boasts a floating design and two drawers that can be used to store end-of-day papers and all your clutter. The main surface is generous enough without being clunky and as it comes in both dark and lighter tones, you can pick the shade that suits your home.

Buy from Wayfair


$150 - $250



Modern, small, sweet, and with plenty of stash-away-spots – the TANGKULA wall desk is one of the cleanest looking foldaway desks you could wish for. Blending a wall-mounted desk look with fold-away features, this desk demands hardly any space at all and comes in fresh white coloring or the more traditional mahogany shade. And when you're ready to call it a day, you can simply fold up the front side, and all of your work stuff will still be there, safely enclosed.

We love how compact it is and how easy it is to personalize to suit your room, thanks to its vivacious design versatility. This space-saving wall desk will make both you and your roommates very happy.

Buy from Amazon


Helix Wall Desk


With a logo that goes ‘party on top and business on the bottom’, how could you not fall for the Helix Walnut Wall Desk? This leaning style wall desk offers a svelte look, a roomy desk area, and two generous shelves for storing all your goodies. Sleek and sturdy and with plenty of shelves for a laptop or a computer and a litany of notes, the Helix gives the perfect design finish to your home office.

When buying something to take back your WFH vibes, why not buy something that looks like a normal part of your home decor?

Buy from CB2


Over $250

Mid Century Desk


This small mid-century piece of magic from Urban Outfitters is carved from mango wood and even offers secret compartments  to store your stuff, a combo which is sure to make you swoon. Super space saving and with all the features you want from a fold out desk, this little gem makes it so we can’t wait to get down to business.

Buy from Urban Outfitters


Nubo Secretary Desk


Taking its design inspiration from the 1960’s Pan-Am blue case, you don’t get a desk as modular in style as the drool-worthy Nubo. Scandi chic meets nostalgia in this curved cornered desk that folds out to become a compact workspace complete with a small storage line for documents. Few compact furniture gives you room to be such a style icon but the Nubo certainly cuts it even if it does come in at an eye-watering price. If you're looking for something a little different for your work surface, then this funky new design may be the way to go.

Buy from Ligne Roset


Which small work spaces are getting you raring to go when it comes to remote business? Share your highs and lows with us in the comments.


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