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7 Must Have Wall Desks for Working at Home

best desks for working from home


Virginia Woolf once said that all women need a room to call ones own. With many of us shifting to remote earning right now, it may be tricky to carve out a complete room dedicated to study or business use, but we should at least aim to claim a patch of wall to create a corner dedicated to work.

Working from home comes with a zillion benefits, but it can also take some time to nurture all those new skills you will need to stay focused. The right home office space can help you amp up productivity and bounce off your own levels of energy.

On the flip side, it can also be challenging learning to switch off from those to-do lists and emails once you have carried them into your home.

 The solution?

Having a dedicated desktop or corner can help you mentally to separate your work life from your home life. And when you do that, working from home becomes way easier. No matter the size of your home or apartment, there is a way to carve out a small home office space for yourself this year. With the perfect cozy home set up, from wall mounted desks to the right amount of storage, working from home will leave you feeling energized and efficient.

Because, honestly, studying or getting stuff done from bed is never as fun as it sounds. Consider it another tool to prevent and deal with burnout.

We've been working from home for years, so we know what makes a good workspace. We also know how much better it feels to sit down at your laptop when your desktop matches the décor of your living space. So we've rounded up the best looking and designed wall mounted desks for you to create the perfect for you to get ish done.