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5 Houseplants That Do More Than Look Pretty


Plants make perfect pets. They don’t require walking, you don’t need to pick up after them, and its always easy to get someone to promise to come and water them when you duck out of town for a few days. Plants are pretty, they brighten up a space, they bring a little of the outdoors in, and there are hundreds of studies that remind us that plants are actually amazing for our mental health.

Turns out there is something about nurturing nature that makes us feel connected and content. Alongside being pretty, plants are clever little creatures and come with a wealth of health benefits that go beyond the eye and the mind. Take a look at the 5 finest houseplants that bring more than a shade of prettiness to your world…


Aloe Vera


The amazing Aloe always reminds us of tropical shores; we often stumble across her fat and full on the arid shores of Africa and Spain, even though she actually first sprung up in the Arabian Peninsula. She looks pretty, like a long tall drink on a hot day – all vibrant green and succulent style. Yet, along with bringing a taste of tropical flair to your desk, she has a ton of healing properties. From soothing sunburn to taking the sting out of mosquito bites, Aloe isn’t just a topical remedy for cooling down skin but also fights the good fight against formaldehyde.


Spider Plants


Sure, the name may cause arachnophobes to shudder but the Spider Plant is a great guest for your home. Not only is the Spider Plant notoriously easy to nurse to life (making it a perfect choice for those who don’t have a great track record when it comes to watering plants), but its also a plant that isn’t toxic to pets. Spider plants are also famed for being chlorophyll junkies meaning that they actually help increase the oxygen level indoors. Absorbing nitrogen dioxide, removing fine particles from the air, and looking pretty with their frothy leaves – spider plants are one of the best plant matter investments you can make.


The Peace Lily


The name says it all, but we can throw in a sentence or two. Along with their poetic titles, their elegant white blooms, and soft fragrance, Peace Lily’s are a perfect plant to bring into the home. As natural air purifiers, peace lilies work in harmony with nature to absorb toxic gases like benzene, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. Alongside these sure-fire superhero powers, the peace lily doesn’t stop there but goes one step further by reducing mould spores that flutter in the air. Finally, being dressed in green and white means that it looks glorious against any colour scheme.


French Lavender


Sublimely soothing and with shades of swaying purple fields in the French South, the lavender plant brings more than a hint of harmony to the home. While growing lavender in the house may incite afternoons swanning around with wine and cheese, its also known to soothe anxiety, ward off pesky insects, and help you to overcome insomnia. The calming fragrance is enough to soothe frayed nerves and this, in turn, leads to lighter moods and healthier sleep patterns. Along with being a wonder plant, lavender also has a feminine grace, a stunning colour scheme, and fits in beautifully to any stylish den.


The Boston Fern


Ancient plants that seem more synonymous with deep dark jungles than American cities, the Boston Fern is a fabulous plant for the home. With its sprawling fronds, the Boston Fern brings with it a beautiful splash of green but is also famed for being a natural air purifier and removing mould from the home. Being a jungle plant, this fern is well versed in soaking up the moisture around it, meaning that your abode will stay drier and cleaner than before. Those who suffer from dry skin who are finding that natural face masks aren’t quite working will also benefit from having a Boston in the room as they bring cleaner, brighter air purification to any space.

Plants can make your home cozy, inviting, and clean. And if get yourself some indoor vine plants, then you'll have a plant-filled happy place to retreat to everyday.

We love seeing pictures and hearing tips on how to add to our own indoor gardens, feel free to share your green thumb advice in the comments.


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