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How to Make Your Bed Even Better




We spend a lot of time sprawled out in our beds; from Sunday mornings lounging with a book to making love, watching movies on chilly winter days, and of course catnapping in the summer and sleeping every night. Creating a bed that makes you feel good is paramount, not just for your quality of rest but also for your state of mind. Here are a few tips to create a tantalizing soft and fluffy cloud to call your own…


Quality Ingredients


All good recipes call on the finest ingredients and if you want to make your bed a cosy oasis of calm then you need to make sure that you have a set up that works for you. We are all different sleepers; some like it hot, some like it cool, others love a hard surface and some want to sink down until they practically touch the floor. Invest in the best foundational bed ingredients that work for you; from feather duvets to foam toppers, cooling sheets, and everything in-between.


Sumptuous Sheets



Never overlook the importance of a good sheet. From soft brush against the skin flannel to static-free silks, and the fresh richness of cotton – there are a million ways to bliss out in bed that don’t involve polyester. Invest in high-quality thread count sheets and you run the risk of never wanting to get out of bed. For those who are restless temperature rising and falling sleepers, good sheets could be a game-changer.


Seasonal Change


Your bed should be treated as a living entity and this means that when the seasons change -so should your bed set up. You are going to thrash and have lousy fitful nights of sleep if you don’t adapt your bedclothes and sheets to suit the temperature outside. Winter calls for brushed cotton, added layers, and a snuggly throw – summer calls for silks and thin Egyptian cotton kisses.


Immersive Lighting


Is there anything more annoying than wanting to curl up with a book in bed and needing to hop out to switch the light off when tired? If you want to boost your bed experience, then look for ways to build lighting into your bed setup. Headboard spotlights are a sassy and sophisticated interior design idea, but if that’s too complex – even just a reading light affixed to your headboard or a bedside lamp or romantic fairy lights will also do the trick.


Accessories Matter


Bedding accessories can make all the difference to your bed looking like a frump or an Instagram star. We are talking colour-coordinated scatter pillows, pretty sheets, and throws aplenty. The reason hotel beds always look so lush is the details; crisp turned down edges, well-plumped pillows, and those trim throws and pillows to tie everything together. There’s no need to go majorly overboard, but even just a couple of cushions can bring a welcome change.


Scented Sighs


All those struggling with soft and decadent shut-eye, its time to turn to the splendour of essential oils. Breathe a little sweetness into your downtime by adding a few drops of lavender or rosemary to your pillows. Not only do these scents lend a note of freshness but they are designed to calm and quieten the mind so that you always associate your bed with a place of peace and tranquility.


Make it


There’s little point investing all this energy to build the bed of your dreams if you are going to leave it a rumpled mess. Making your bed isn’t just important because it makes it appear all the more welcoming, it's important because it nurtures a certain mindset. This keystone habit apparently leads to higher levels of productivity, it’s a small accomplishment that has a big impact on your mood, and it just looks and feels good to climb under taut and crisp sheets.

What beautiful bed tips do you have? Share in the comments.


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