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Your Perfect Night’s Rest - Top Tips for a Serene Routine


Go, go, go, and then quick, get good sleep! It can be challenging to power down for a good night’s sleep, no matter how exhausted we are from our busy day, yet it’s key to setting us up for success the following day. These tips are all designed to help you detach from your day and fall into your best sleep ever.

Calm Your Space

Even if your bedtime is slightly different every night (a consistent bedtime is recommended for optimal sleep, but life happens, we realize), it’s important to stop with the screen time at least 1 hour before you say goodnight.


Our eyes desperately need a break from blue light, and ceasing engagement with screens (computers, phones, tvs) will signal your brain that it’s time to wind down. If you’re addicted to your tech, this will feel weird at first.


Push through and be aware of the gift of turning your attention inward as you’re settling for the night. In addition to ditching your screens an hour before bed, dim the lights or turn off all but the ones you really need, another signal to your brain to wind down.

Calm Your Mind

Bedtime is often when our mind's like to rethink all the things that didn’t go so well or go over all the things we need to do the next day. Instead of playing into this loop, get it all down on paper (not your phone) and leave it there. Have a space to list to do’s and a notebook nearby to write down any thoughts and then let them go. Allow your focus to shift to you. 

This is a time to quiet the mind with a little meditation (guided, silent, or just play some soft music with your eyes closed), deep breathing, or short stretching/yoga practice. These are all signals to your body and mind that it’s time to get ready to rest and restore.

If your body is extra tense, try adding in a hot bath or shower. Soaking will relax your bod and any tense muscles, and adding in essential oils can be a powerful de-stressor and sleep-promoter.

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Calm Your Body

Snacking on something sweet right before bedtime can be tempting, but sugar and chocolate can wake us up instead of slow us down. Thus eating a sweet treat may cause us to wake in the night, plus eating before sleep can confuse the body by giving it more work.


Trade late-night snacks for a cozy cup of tea that will promote restoration and sleep - try soothing chamomile, lemon balm, or simply hot water with lemon, and practice mindfully enjoying your warm cup before bed, without engaging in anything else while sipping. 

What’s your coziest bedtime routine? Let us know in the comments!


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