Making Your Bedroom Magic


Your bedroom is your sacred space. About half your life is spent there; sleeping, sharing time with loves, beginning and ending each day. This is a powerful space and as such how it makes us feel has an affect on how we move through our time in it as well as in the rest of our lives. So let’s make it magic!

Mood Lighting

Bright and harsh lighting is the opposite of relaxing. Keep your space mellow with a few lamps around the room with low, warm light bulbs. This will also make it easier for your body to get ready for sleep as you enter your room at bedtime. Consider adding some fairy lights for more romance and glow.


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Add Green

Bringing a plant (or 2, or 3) into your room will help to soothe the mind and body. Plants (like snake plant) provide oxygen to help cleanse the air for better sleep.  The calming green also adds a fresh new focal point that will satiate the eyes.



Pair Down + Tidy Up

Keeping your room clean is key to keeping it serene. Making your bed is the easiest way to keep your space looking tidy on the daily, but definitely invest an afternoon to de-clutter.  Make sure your bedside table only has what you really need (may we suggest a candle or aromatherapy spray) and nothing work related. You probably have lots of things around that can go in other rooms or into drawers - tidying and removing things will open it up and allow for chiller vibes.


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Magic Walls

Adorn your walls with beautiful, serene, inspiring or sentimental art and photos. You can DIY your own affirmation art to get you motivated, add photos of loved ones from cherished times, or calming nature prints. What you look at everyday has an impact on your mood and can help lift you up, so be sure to keep that in mind while choosing what to hang - it should spark joy and inspire you. 


What part of your bedroom makes it magic? Let us know in the comments!


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