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Coconut Oil for Sex: Fragrant Fun or Slippery Safety Rating?



Rub it on your skin, spoon it into your smoothie, and use it to slick up your sex life - there's a reason why coconut oil gets us so excited. In its raw form, coconut oil is brimming with health properties and is an awesome edible plant matter that can be smeared onto everything from your lips to your hair, your skin, and yes - even your vagina.

Not only does coconut oil as lube feel lush but it also comes with that absolutely divine scent of tropical waters and natural sugars.

Here, we have the inside scoop on how to use coconut oil as a sublime sexual lubricant to get your body ready for action. Keep reading to find out what health information you need to know about silky and cool coconut oil.


Known Benefits of Coconut Oil As Lubricant


There are loads of great reasons and benefits of coconut oil in sex play. It's sweet, slick, sexy, easy to get hold of, and all-natural. It is deffo worth remembering that not all coconut oils are both equal and that you want to look for unrefined coconut oil, pure coconut oil, and virgin coconut oil labels to make sure that the products you play with are free from added ingredients.


Using Coconut Oil For Sex

Coconut oil is a great option for those who want to use lubrication but want something that is nothing but a natural ingredient. Physicians have done their research and the studies show that high grade and quality coconut oils are completely safe to use on the skin. Rich in saturated fats and full of a good kind of fatty acid, coconut oil is an awesome natural moisturizer and is less likely to disrupt your delicate PH balance. Take a look at the best ways to use coconut oil to make your sexual experiences even more sublime...


Vaginal Sex

Many women out there suffer from vaginal dryness which can lead to painful sex and impact everything from orgasms to feeling sensual in any way. Our body isn't always able to produce natural vaginal lubricant or may not produce enough for many reasons including changes in hormones, menopause, fertility status, estrogen levels, or simply something else. Having a personal lubricant to hand can help sex feel more comfortable and enjoyable.

Coconut oil lube is great for those with delicate vaginal flora as it comes without any added toxins or chemicals. It also quickly turns into liquid coconut oil which is one of the great natural skin moisturizers and can help reduce friction. As coconut oil comes with natural antifungal properties it can also help fight off certain kinds of vaginal infection (like a yeast infection).


Anal Sex


When it comes to anal sex, lubes are an absolute must. Your bottom can be a sensitive place and the anus doesn't produce its own lube to help slick things up. The tissue inside can also be sensitive and can tear during intercourse so lube brings in an extra layer of much-needed caution. Don't forget that if you are using a latex condom for anal sex, a silicone-based lube or water lube will be safer. Coconut oil can also be great for your fave butt based sex toy or silicone toy too. Do make sure that you clean the area thoroughly after use as coconut oil is a thicker type of oil than water-based lubricant it can build up inside which may be uncomfortable.


Oral Sex

Totally delicious, coconut oil has to be the most edible lube alternative out there. As long as you don't have an allergy and you like the sweet taste, organic coconut oil is a great choice for oral sex. Warm it up in your hands first before using it as a massage oil down there prior to mouth based sex. Make sure that the coconut lube you are using is food grade safe and you should have zero problems in this department.



Whether playing with hands or toys, a coconut oil lubricant can make the experience even more sensational thanks to its gorgeous scent, silky finish, and skin-quenching pleasure that just oozes sensuality. This natural oil-based lube is great when using with silicone toys although you may want to check individual instructions first. On a whole coconut oil-based lubricant is a good match for high-quality silicone, hard plastic, metal and glass. You may want to check twice before using it with cheaper silicone products, latex, rubber, and PVC.


Potential Risks of Using Coconut Oil For Sex


May Not Work With Latex

For those who are using latex condoms, you will want to skip out on coconut oil as your choice lubricant as it can weaken the efficacy by up to ninety percent. Relationship therapist Megan Harrison LMFT at Couples Candy reminds us that "while the barrier itself may not break entirely, the material breaks down and this means you will be more susceptible to STI's or becoming pregnant."

For those who aren't using any other kind of protection and who want to stay safe, you should skip the mineral oil and opt for water-based lube or silicone lube instead.


May Trigger and Allergic Reaction

While coconut oil is unlikely to cause an allergy, there's always the risk when using a new product on your skin. For those who ingest coconut oil, signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction can be nausea, hives, and even anaphylaxis in extremely rare cases. Topically, it may also cause sensitive skin to suffer a rash or blister if there is an allergy. To avoid diving headfirst into potential problems, you should do a patch test first to check for reactions. If you have certain skin conditions or medical issues you may want to check in with your doctors first.


May Increase Chances of an Infection

As soothing as coconut oil may be for some, it can actually increase chances of infection in others, according to Dr. Purvisha Patel MD from Advanced Dermatology in Memphis. "It can disrupt the pH [level] of the vagina and cause yeast or BV, leading to infections." Certified Midwife Diana G Torres from the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in New York explains that coconut oil has a higher pH, making it Alkaline. "It can change the pH balance of the acidic vagina, causing yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis."

Not only that, but it can also increase infections in the hair follicles, leading to folliculitis. "Because it is edible, bacteria fungus can eat it too," she explains. So while it may be beneficial for some, it may be a bad mix for others.


What Is The Best Natural Lubricant?


There are many different kinds of lube out there and water-based and silicone-based seem to be the best thing for those who use latex condoms. You do want to always check the content and ingredients list when buying commercial lube as some products can cause irritation and upset the balance of your vagina leading to a case of bacterial vaginosis. Watch out for baby oil, petroleum jelly, anything with flavoring or added scents, and those products that list temperature changing and tingling properties.

If safe to use coconut love oil doesn't sound like the right solution for you (because of health conditions, contraceptive choices, or personal preference it's not for everyone), there are other natural lubricants you can choose too. Take a look at some other solutions that can help you stay slippery.


Almond Oil - Almond Nut Oil is a good choice for people who want to swap out coconut for something else. Almond is a natural skin moisturizer, has a sweet scent, and is safe to eat (as long as you don't have an allergy. Again, it shouldn't be used with latex condoms.


Olive Oil - Not good to use with your latex and may well stain the sheets, but Olive Oil can be used as an alternative natural lubricant. For those with sensitive skin, it's worth noting that olive oil can clog pores so if prone to breakouts you may also want to skip. Be wary of other kinds of cooking oils that may have gone through a bleaching process or chemical treatment.


Aloe Vera - Super soothing, cool, and completely natural, there's a lot to love about Aloe Vera. This tropical plant offers up a natural water-based lubricant meaning you can use it with condoms too. Be sure to opt for natural aloe rather than aloe products that may have alcohol added as part of its product development.


Whatever lubricants you choose, make sure that they work with your body and your choices. We are all about building better sex lives around issues of safety, consent, fun, and personal empowerment and even your choice of lube play into this. Remember to always check with your OB-GYN or personal physician to make sure that whatever you put into or on your body is suitable for you as an individual.

Let us know which idea you are loving when it comes to natural lube - does coconut oil get your vote or is aloe vera more on your mind? Share your lube story with us in the comments.


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