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Get Wild in the Wild: How to Have Hot Camping Sex in a Tent


Canvas walls are all you need when you got love.

For those heading out into the wild, there's no reason to pack away the idea of good sex. You can roll out a raucously good orgasm along with your sleeping bag. Sure, the cloying scent of bug spray, the damp floor, and getting washed with wet wipes may not sound like the soundtrack to a romantic fantasy but camping sex can be hot, hot, hot.

Let us paint you another picture - a frenzy of stars, the scent of firewood and wild herbs, epic landscapes, the deep body satisfaction of a day hiking, a secluded spot, and your own little love nest to get down and dirty.

Outdoor sex can be glorious!

To help your tent sex adventure be something to remember (in the best way), we have some tantalizing tips for having excellent sex in the great outdoors. Here's how you can be happy (and horny) campers...


Get a Good Sized Tent

Sometimes bigger is better, especially when it comes to having plenty of room to throw your legs in the air, move around, and having space for better sex. When you have a bigger tent to play in, that means more room for dancing, moving, and having fun with different positions. Being squeezed into a two-man tent can be cozy but it may reduce your movement to crawling in and lying down on top of each other.


Bring the Bug Spray

Ok, we know this isn't exactly the sexiest thing you want to hear, but trust us. If you want to lose yourself in the moment of banging in the backcountry - the last thing you want is to be chomped to smithereens by mosquitos. Don't spray this stuff in your genitals, especially if planning on some sweet oral sex. If you want to go au natural with keeping the bugs at bay, look to tea tree oil or lavender oil for a more sensual approach.


Zip-Up Together

 Rather than separate sleeping bags, you can double up with a two-person sleeping bag for extra ease and coziness. Some sleeping bags will even zip up together making discreet spooning sex positions easier. We love double sleeping bag spooning sex because of how easy it is to transition to straight-up post-coital cuddles afterwards.


Pick Your Campsite Spot Well

If you are pitching up at a campsite, maybe take a little time to suss out the best place to put your tent. Being too close to other tents will either dampen your enjoyment because you feel self-conscious or make you a bad neighbor if you don't. Find a secluded spot so you can at least let yourself go without the worry of those thin canvas walls amplifying your every gasp.


Opt for Terra Firma

Unless you want a stick in your back interrupting the vibe, pay attention to the ground beneath your tent or make sure you get a good ground cover or sleeping mats to serve as a cushion between your naked body and the rocks. The best thing about sleeping mats is you can drag them out into the open (if in the wilderness) and get busy beneath a flaming sunset for added oomph (along with protecting you from sex in a pile of poison ivy). Beach camping might be especially perfect for this kind of outdoor activity. 😏


Let the Fresh Air Flow

Part of the fun of sex is the fact that it's steamy, squelchy, and messy. This can lose its allure kind of quickly when tent camping as tent walls can soak up that sweat quickly and become condensation pits. Crack your tent zip a little and let that sweet fresh air flow in, helping to prevent damp and odours from clinging to everything in sight.


Keep it Clean (Kinda)

 At home, you can mop up after your sex life super easily with a quick shower and a washing machine for any stained sheets. It's a little different when camping but nothing that can't be sorted with a good wet wipe wash, a spritz of odor removing spray for your sleeping bags, and a dedicated garbage bag for any used condoms or baby wipes you need to get rid of. Remember, the golden rule of the glorious outdoors is to leave no trace.


Use a Condom

In the interest of keeping things clean and easy whether tent or car camping, this may be a good chance to get back to basics and opt for using a condom if applicable. Condom's make it super easy for the ejaculation to go somewhere and to be contained so you can easily tie it up and throw it out.


Get Sample Lube Packets

Being on a camping trip can add to dehydration levels. A change in routine, diet, washing, drinking and more exercise may upset your body's natural flow and could mean that your vagina may produce less of its own natural lube. Just because you are roughing it doesn't mean that your body has to follow suit. Until you can find a way to make portable coconut oil for sex, little packets or tubes of lube will help you get to slippery success.


Turn Out the Lights

Unless you want to give an X rated show to all the other people at the campsite, be sure to switch off the lights. Shadows can be telling when it comes to what's going on behind thin canvas walls. Just because you can't have flickering fairy lights, doesn't mean you can't set the mood - a Bluetooth speaker with your favorite sex time playlist and a chilled bottle of wine served in plastic glasses can be all the head-spinning haze you need to get the party started.


Bring the Batteries

If you are a fan of sex toys you may want to bring those that are battery operated only as unless you are RV camping with all the mod cons there won't be a place to put your magic wand on charge. Remember, you don't always need batteries to spice up your sex life. A little dress up, some divine dirty talk, massage oil, a cock ring, and any non-battery operated buzz toy can all be called upon to join the fun.


Amp Up the Aftercare

One of the best things about camping sex is all in the shared partner aftercare. From cuddling in front of the campfire to stargazing and nibbling on food, you may not have the comfort of a double bed but you have all the romantic notions of nature on your doorstep.


Don't Get Too Wild

If you find yourself going at it in the great outdoors then make sure you check the area before you throw yourselves down on the ground. Just being aware of the potential issues of ticks, snakes, poison oak, poison ivy, and all that jazz shouldn't make you super paranoid but should keep you feeling aware of your surroundings at all times.


If the Van's a Rockin’

If you are skipping the tent to have sex in a campervan or RV, too much bouncing can cause your van to rock. There’s an old saying, if the van's a rockin, don’t come knocking for that very reason.

And if you're planning on going on an epic road trip, then chances are that you're going to get down and dirty at some point, amiright?

If you prefer the whole site not to know that you are getting down to business then you should be sure to pack some chocks or stabilizers to put beneath the wheels.


Pick Your Positions

While camping sex may not be the right time to get super adventurous and outside your comfort zone, that doesn't mean you need to be hemmed in. There are tons of great positions you can get involved with that are perfect for tiny tight spaces like a camper, trailer tent, or a canvas home. From rolling your sleeping bags up beneath you to elevate your hips and get more thrust going to sliding in from behind while you both lay flat and watch the fire outside your tent, spooning cocoons, and entwined limbs - there's so much to love about camping sex. Remember, sex isn't all about penetration. Oral sex, body exploration, the art of touch, role play - all of this can be achieved in a small space.


Sharing time and space together, embracing the world outside your window, and getting out of the bedroom and into the wild can all be amazing ways of turning the dial up on your relationship - just don't forget to bring that trash bag. What are your thoughts on camping sex? Does the idea of being out in mother nature get you in the mood or do you think it would turn into a bug-infested poison oak mess? Share your thoughts, tips, and funny stories with us in the comments.


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