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Natural Ways to Bring More Light Into Your Room



Stirring in bedsheets splashed in sunlight, reading in a cosy corner with slants of gold coming through, and letting winter or summer light wash over your home – light is an integral part of happy living. Not all of us are lucky enough to have rooms lined with windows but fear not – even if you have a shoebox-sized view onto the outside world, there are plenty of savvy interior design-friendly tricks for letting in the light. More light in a room lifts spirits, will make a space look airier and brighter, and will also fill your soul with that much-needed vitamin D. Here are our favourite tips for throwing back the curtains and shouting ‘let there be light’…


Bright White


If you have a dark room and want to do a major light overhaul then you will need to bring out the rollers and paint it white. The best way to get light scattered across a space is to choose a reflective colour like white (or cream) as it doesn’t absorb any of the existing light but instead sends it bouncing back across the space. From the ceiling to the walls, go white and if you are serious about sunshine consider bringing in white bedsheets to bedrooms, white sofas to lounges, and even white furniture.


Metal and Glass


Reflective is the word of the day when it comes to effective ways to disperse light and this involves considering what materials you bring into the room. Choosing glass surfaces and metallic touches will both do a great job of blending a stylish finish with all the added benefits of throwing the light back out.


Fab Flooring


Thick carpets are also big light hoarders, especially if the colour is dark or matted. Another major design overhaul that can have a visual effect on the light level is opting for light wooden, pale tiled, or even warm ceramic floors for a polished and pretty finish. If you do need to go for carpet then be sure to choose neutral hues.


Keep Clean


Smeared and dusty windows can have a big impact on how much light is being let into your space. If you truly want to have swathes of sunshine then keep the glass sparkling. A weekly window spring clean ensures that grime doesn’t get in the way of your allocated light.


Plant Matter


Do a quick check around the outside of your home to see if any stray branches or overgrown bushes are contributing to actively blocking your level of light. A quick prune could make the world of difference – pay particular attention to climbing plants too.


Lamp It Up


If sunlight is sparse then having a few lamps or smart lighting solutions can do a good job of replacing the abundance of natural light. Scattering lamps around the room illuminate a larger space, rather than having one lamp in a corner and the rest of the room swallowed in shadow. Dimmer switches for overhead light also let you control the level of light.


Pull the Curtain


Instead of dark and heavy drapes, consider light and airy blinds or billowy pale curtains that won't gobble up all your precious light. There are tons of options out there for maxing the opportunity for light to stream on through without having to compromise your privacy.

What are your tricks for bringing more light into your life? Share thoughts and tips in the comments.


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