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How to Cozy Up Your Home


Wanting to bring some much-needed warmth to your world this winter? Sometimes the best way to bring Hygge to your home is to tweak those little touches that make a big difference. We have rounded up our favourite easy tips that can make you want to lock the door and never leave. Here’s how to cosy up your home.


Get Some Good Rugs


Nothing says welcome home like something soft underfoot. While bare wood floors make for summer chic they don’t exactly make you want to curl up your toes into something cosy. Invest in a couple of good rugs – bedside rugs are great from keeping you warm when you get out of bed and living room rugs look great beside reading chairs or placed beneath coffee tables.


Invest in Organic Warmth


Raw textiles can be an amazing way of bringing rich organic warmth to a space and keeping colour palates soft and nurturing. Think linen curtains, cotton covers, bamboo, rattan, chunky wool throws and woods – these are the kinds of organic riches that will truly elevate a space for year-round seasonal charm.


Get Green Friends


 A splash of greenery works wonders when it comes to turning a house into a home. There’s something about filling a space with fluffy, leafy, luscious trailing plants that makes you just want to stay there forever.


Have Heavy Bedding


During the cooler months, nothing says snuggle up quite like heavy bedding. Its time to skip the silks and light-weight kinds of cotton in favour of curling up with flannels, high-thread counts, and sink down soft jersey cottons. Try and incorporate woollen and fleecy throws and add a couple more scatter cushions in to create a haven of warmth against those bitter nights.


Choose Candles


Unless you are lucky enough to have a log fire crackling away in your home, you may want to invest in some cosy flickering candles instead. Candles bring a sense of romance, they come in a million amazing scents and colours, and they bless your home with a certain magical mood.


Soft Lighting Skills


Overhead bulbs can bring a blaring light that often seems cold. Instead, opt for strategically placed lamps that lend a warm glow, play with shadows, and make everything feel super soft and cosy. You can even go beyond the lilt of lamps and incorporate ambient ethereal fairy lights into your interior design.


Get Baking


Creating a cosy space can go beyond the borders of interior design, occupying lifestyle choices too. Even if you aren’t a master baker you can buy some ready-rolled cookie dough and stick it in the oven to create that mmm delicious stay at home on a Sunday afternoon smell. Winter warmers can also include cinnamon and orange slices boiled in water on the stove.


Get a Nook


Create a reading nook! Whether you place an armchair by a window or pile some pillows on a windowsill, a bookish book can become a beautiful space for encouraging you to read more. A simple yet rustic wall desk may be the perfect addition. Don’t forget to bring a blanket, get a lamp, and even a table to hold that end of day glass of wine.


Essential Oils


Stretch like a cat in your own welcoming space with the help of essential oils. An easy way to change the mood of your home to meet the season, pick soothing scents that invite a deep sigh of relief as soon as you step through the door. We are loving the dulcet tones of earthy rosemary, lavender, and the cloying calm of cloves.

How have you been making your place cosy? Share your favourite Hygge tips with us in the comments.



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