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How To Set The Mood At Home With Scented Candles

how to set the mood at home

This past year has brought a whole new meaning to what our home means to each of us. Sure - it has always been a special place for family and friends. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has given so much more responsibility to our homes. It has become an oasis from the uncertainty. It has transformed from school to work to a personal fitness center within hours each day.

This also has meant that those little nuances that we used to take for granted, like lighting your favorite candle at the end of a long day, has become even more important for us to compartmentalize all of these different elements that go into our day.

Giving yourself the opportunity to express yourself in these little ways is critical to your self care.

Choosing the right candles for your home shouldn't be based solely on aesthetics. Scented candles can help set a mood just as effectively as music, lighting, color and interior design. All you need is a match to spark the magic. But how do you go about choosing the right candles?

The answer is simple. Give yourself some freedom to be creative and express yourself. Ask yourself: "What mood am I in," "what scents do I love," "what colors make me happy," and "what do I want?"

After all, making a cozy home all depends on what makes you feel good.

Follow these 4 easy guidelines and you will end up with many beautiful candles to bring you great joy.


Step 1: Consider Your Space

how to set the mood in apartment living

Do you live in a small space or do you have a few different rooms to fill? If you live in a studio apartment, perhaps considering a fragrance palette that goes well together will be more important. If you have many rooms to fill, you might consider collecting an assortment of different fragrances and colors that make you happy and place them around your favorite spots.


Step 2: Fragrance Preferences

all natural fragrances for the home

This is one of the most exciting parts of choosing candles. Basic choices can be broken down into four simple categories:

  1. fresh and clean like rain or fresh linen,
  2. fruity like peach or mango,
  3. woody and spicy like sandalwood or amber,
  4. and floral like rose or peony.

If you're shopping for candles in a local retail store or boutique, smell them all! You will be surprised how you might fall in love with some of the most unusual fragrance combinations. If you are shopping online, you might stick to scents you are more familiar with.


Step 3: Think About Setting A Mood

in the mood for romance candles

Photo courtesy of The Mood Company

Choosing the right candles for your home space can seriously set the mood… and drop a few hints to others in your space. If Tuesdays are for at-home date nights, then you might want to light the perfect candle for romance with strong notes of roses and sensual top notes.


in the mood for cuddles candles

Photo courtesy of The Mood Company

Or maybe after a long week, all you want to do is cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. A perfect candle for cuddling that boasts a light and clean linen fragrance with hints of lemon, lavender, sandalwood, and vanilla might be exactly what you need to unwind and set the mood.


Step 4: Be Yourself

No matter what - your home should be completely unique to who you are. Choosing candles shouldn't feel like work. Digging up the ingredient lists, manufacturing details, and other nuances of different candles is something worth doing… or you can choose non-toxic candles right from the start. What matters is that you choose what makes you happy.


the mood company

About The Mood Company

The Mood Company produces homemade candles that are all developed and designed in the USA with fragrance and natural oils, all-natural soy wax blends. The candles are hand-poured in a reusable glass vessel purchased in the USA and hand-labeled in Miami, Florida.

The Mood Company strives to help people express themselves in a simple, yet impactful way. Our team has always been passionate about scents, as years of science have shown just how powerful they can be.

Founder-invented scents like Twelve Roses, a compilation of sandalwood and wild rose, pair with clever phrases such as "In the Mood for Romance." Browse and shop candles now with the code SOZY to save 35% on all candles.


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